Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PRSUN Radio chats with the folks behind Coqui Mexicano

Coqui Mexicano is a new bodega/cafe on Brook Avenue in the South Bronx. It is also a cultural spot, featuring art and books.

It is named Coqui Mexicano representing the mix of the owners, Danisha (el Coqui) and Alfredo (el mexicano from Acalpulco). The shop features Puerto Rican and Mexican food. 
PRSUN Radio talks to the entrepreneurs at 9 p.m. tomorrow
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(photo courtesy of Coqui Mexicano)

Support this Latino-owned community-minded business in the Bronx.

Update: To listen to the archived version of the show, click on the PRSUN Radio widget box in this blog or go directly to BTR. Thanks.
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