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Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters: The Nuyoricans

Commentary By Manuel Hernández Carmona New York Puerto Rican writer, Miguel Algarin (Puerto Rican Voices in English, p.39) came to Puerto Rico with colleague Miguel Piñero in the early 1970's. They were speaking in English, Spanish, Spanglish and a variety of sorts when they heard someone calling them Nuyoricans. Algarin thought they were using the term in a humiliating way. When my parents moved back to the island in 1974, I was immediately referred to as "el nuyorican" by classmates, relatives and friends. I was confused because I had never been called like that before. Nuyorican is a combination of the words New York and Puerto Rican. It was and still is used to identify Puerto Ricans born and raised in the United States and to differentiate them from island Puerto Ricans ("Adios Borinquen Querida", p.90). Puerto Ricans born in other US cities resent the term because they were not born in New York City. For some New York Puerto Ricans, it is a label they p