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Education Corner Manny Hernandez, who regularly contributes columns to the Puerto Rico Sun on education issues, is now publishing his own blog. Check out Manny's new blog. It's still under construction. Manny Hernandez
Community Happenings THE CITY OF CASSELBERRY, FLORIDA PRESENTS:April 30, 2005 6:00 - 9:00 pm At Casselberry Art House (Next to the City Hall) 127 Quail Pond Circle Casselberry, FL 32707 Tel: (407) 262-7700 Hors D oeuvres Entertainment by: "LA RONDALLA DE ORLANDO" About the artist Through his artwork Obed Gomez wants to convey a sense of peace and beauty and a quiet solitude which he accomplishes in works like Danza de Enamorados (Lovers’ Dance) and Dulce Melón (Sweet Melon); on the other hand, through his vibrant use of colors, Gómez depicts movement and a passion for life captured in the essence of works like , Al ritmo de mi tierra and Tango II. Please visit source:

Agua Life

Agua Life Originally uploaded by GinoPR . Photo by GinoPR


HABEMVS PAPAM - BENEDICTVM XVI Originally uploaded by oubliette_mira . Photo by Oubliette Mira.

Benedictus XVI

Benedictus XVI Originally uploaded by Joris A. . The new pope Photo by Joris A.

Cruiser arriving to San Juan.(3-12)

Cruiser arriving to San Juan.(3-12) Originally uploaded by Gilda D. Padilla . Photo by Gilda D. Padilla See more of Gilda's and more photos in the Puerto Rico Sun photo pool at flickr.


Originally uploaded by minusbaby . Check out minusbaby's collection of photos from Spanish Harlem at flickr. This is among his collection.
Community Happenings source: Here is an e-mail I received from a boricua yahoogroup I belong to: Subject: 2005 National calendar of PuertoRican Festivals &Parades 2005 National calendar of Puerto Rican Festivals & Parades APRIL 24, 2005 Puerto Rican Cultural Parade of Florida & Folklore Festival, Inc. 24724 State Road 54 #114 Lutz, Florida 33559 Sandra A. Acevedo, President 813.949.2048 813.949.9359 JUNE 5, 2005 Puerto Rican/Hispanic Day Parade Fifth Avenue Brentwood Long Island, New York Naomi Robinson 631.434.3481 Ext.14 JUNE 5, 2005 Yonkers Puerto Rican Day Parade Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 467 Yonkers, New York 10705 Carmen Gomez, President 914.337.3624 914.966.1202 Fax JUNE 12, 2005 National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc. 2804 Third Avenue - 7th Floor Bronx, New York 10455 Ralph Morales, Chairperson 718.401.0404 Ext. 348 718.585.9110 Fax www.nationalpuertor
Interesting headlines American Psychological Association, Sat, 09 Apr 2005 3:50 AM PDT Puerto Ricans Top Survey on Satisfaction SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Puerto Ricans have ranked highest in the world in one survey of how satisfied people are with their lives, but the result is drawing head-shaking on the Caribbean island, where some say islanders have plenty of personal problems and psychologists estimate nearly one in three are at risk of mental illness. ABC News, Fri, 08 Apr 2005 5:51 PM PDT Puerto Ricans Top Survey on Satisfaction Survey Ranks Puerto Ricans at the Top in How Satisfied They Are With Their Lives I don't buy it!

Puerto Rico in the BX!

Puerto Rico in the BX! Originally uploaded by clarisel . I have created a new group dedicated to images showcasing The Bronx. Photos must be Bronx-related. As you know, boricuas have a lot of history in The Bronx. Thanks.

Silent Night, Holy Night

Commentary By Clarisel Gonzalez "Silent Night" is a song that even till this day reminds me of Pope John Paul II. That's because one of the most beautiful memories I have of the Pope of Young People was his visit to New York City's Central Park in 1995. He said, in his homily: "I remember a song I used to sing in Poland as a young man, a song which I still sing as Pope, which tells about the birth of the Savior. On Christmas night, in every church and chapel, this song would ring out, repeating in a musical way the story told in the Gospel. It says: "Wśród nocnej ciszy głos się rozchodzi: 'Wstańcie pasterze, Bóg się wam rodzi! Czem prędzej się wybierajcie, do Betlejem pospieszajcie przywitać Pana'". [And, the Pope also sang it] "In the silence of the night, a voice is heard: 'Get up, shepherds, God is born for you! Hurry to Bethlehem to meet the Lord'". The same story is told in the beautiful hymn, "Silent Night",

Goodbye Pope

Goodbye Pope Originally uploaded by Proserpina . Adios Juan Pablo II. Vaya con Dios amigo. En Puerto Rico te queremos mucho.

Three Times the Love

Three Times the Love Originally uploaded by clarisel .