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The 116th Festival Brings Joy to El Barrio

It’s been two years of no dancing and no cheering on the streets of El Barrio. But all the dancing and cheering came back last weekend at the   116th Street Festival.  True the pandemic has played a major role in the joy of the city, especially among the Latin American community.  But the music, food, and dancing brought the crowds back to El Barrio on Saturday, June 11. The festival achieved its goal of bringing everyone together for the day from community residents to artists to business leaders. As this reporter took pictures, you could feel the happiness. Even though the fear of #covid19 still lingers, there was joy in El Barrio.   (photos and text by Ismael Nunez for PRSUN) To view more of Ismael's photos, visit him on Flickr . 

PRSUN Project: Puerto Rican Day Parade '14

(Participants at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade show off their pride. Photos by Clarisel Gonzalez) Actress Rosie Perez, parade queen, joins the fun, proudly waving the Puerto Rican flag. (Photo by Ismael Nunez) To view more photos taken at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, the Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade and related events by Gonzalez and Nunez. Visit our online gallery.

New: PRSUN Video

Puerto Rico Sun's newest project is PRSUN Video at flickr. Like the Puerto Rico Sun photo group at flickr, there is now a video group too showcasing short videos about Puerto Rico or Puerto Rican-related themes. Today's featured video is by Luis Munoz. It is a true beauty of Old San Juan. Luis did a nice job. To check out the PRSUN Video, go to

Guanina Ojos de Miel

Guanina Ojos de Miel Originally uploaded by Pacu007 . From the Puerto Rico Sun photo group, today's featured image is by Pacu007. This doggie waits to see a vet.

Gente @ Plaza de Luquillo

Gente @ Plaza de Luquillo Originally uploaded by Eduardo Veguilla . Today's featured shot from the Puerto Rico Sun photo group is by Eduardo Veguilla.

Artesanias Puerto Rico

Artesanias Puerto Rico Originally uploaded by verodomica . Today's featured image from the Puerto Rico Sun photo group is by verodomica. Photo was taken at an art fair earlier this year named Feria Internacional de Artesanias. This picture captures the work of artisan Puffay. Visit a set named "Puffay" at verodomica's photo site at flickr:

Esperen, muchachos!

Esperen, muchachos! Originally uploaded by Jorge Rodriguez . From the Puerto Rico Sun photo group, today's featured image is by Jorge Rodriguez.

La Perla

La Perla Originally uploaded by #(J) . From the Puerto Rico Sun photo group, this La Perla shot is by #(J).


Decisions Originally uploaded by chente922 . Featured photo From the Puerto Rico Sun photo group pool, image by chente922 "Some retired gentlemen playing domino at the Plaza del Mercado in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. It's really interesting how well they are at this game, analyzing every move since the beginning." -- Chente922