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Happy New Year. Puerto Rico Sun wishes you peace, love, good health, prosperity, happiness and ... in the new year. Felicidades.
PUERTO RICO'S CAPITAL Vital Old San Juan Leslie Jones Contributing Writer The aromas of tostones (fried plantains) and asopao (a traditional chicken-and-rice soup) drift out of local eateries. Visitors pause in front of colourful storefront displays, and a sea of pedestrians and cars moves past. Narrow cobblestone streets beckon in each direction I turn, while the sounds of salsa resonate from a nearby plaza, enticing me to move a little closer. My longtime friend Lori and I are on the first port of call of a week-long Caribbean cruise. It's a crystal-clear Sunday afternoon in the old town district of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The city of San Juan is made up of three distinct areas: Old San Juan, the beach and resort area and outlying communities. Old San Juan, founded in 1508, is the second-oldest city in the Americas. An infectious energy fills the air as the sounds of the park rotunda's steel drums intensify. Children play nearby as adults gather to visit. P
Three Kings rule in Puerto Rico MARY ELLEN BOTTER The Dallas Morning News JUANA DIAZ, Puerto Rico -- It's Bethlehem in the New World. The Three Kings seem to be everywhere in Puerto Rico. In art stores. Souvenir shops. On the wall of a bakery. Among gamers in San Juan's Pool Palace. Beside expensive watches in a jeweler's display. They even have their own museum in this small city five miles northeast of Ponce in southern Puerto Rico. That isn't to say Christmas itself is trumped by the island's love of the Wise Men reputed to have visited the baby Jesus in the manger. Puerto Ricans are wild about that holiday, celebrating it with joyous abandon, decorating homes, plazas and buildings as early as the beginning of November, and reveling in family gatherings and Christmas Eve church services. Festivities stretch through the second week of January. For more, go to
In Latino tradition, Three Kings is an important part of Christmas. Mark your calendar. EL MUSEO DEL BARRIO’S 30TH ANNIVERSARY THREE KINGS DAY PARADE ¡FELIZ DIA DE REYES! Friday, January 5, 2007 Starting at 11:00 a.m. Press Invited at 10:30 a.m. to Parade Line-Up with Three Kings, 30 Madrinas and Padrinos 106th Street between Madison and Park Avenues NEW YORK, December 2006 – On Friday, January 5, 2007, El Museo del Barrio once again brings the spirit of the holidays to el barrio and to all of New York City with the 30th Anniversary of El Museo’s Annual Three Kings Day Parade and Community Celebration. The parade kicks off at 11:00 a.m. at 106th Street and Madison Avenue, continuing through East Harlem up Third Avenue to 116th Street, then heads west and culminates at La Marqueta Plaza, located along Park Avenue between 116th and 115th Streets. Following the parade, the Three Kings will offer a gift to each of the children marching in the event. As the most festive event of
Sun-Sentinel, Fri, 15 Dec 2006 0:23 AM PST Execution review ordered Florida's beleaguered death penalty may have been thrown into limbo Thursday, a day after what critics called the botched execution of a convicted killer from Puerto Rico who took 34 minutes and two doses of lethal drugs to die. To read more,,0,7986524.story?coll=sfla-news-florida
Merry Christmas to all the supporters of the Puerto Rico Sun project. Check out the beautiful array of photos in the Puerto Rico Sun group at flickr. Felicidades hoy y siempre. Clarisel P.S. Have any ideas for the "PRSUN TV" show (that airs in the Bronx)? Feel free to e-mail me at
Health Ethnic Divide for Diabetes: City's Puerto Ricans Far More Likely to Die of Illness, Study Says For more info., visit By Judith Graham, Chicago Tribune Dec. 7--Puerto Ricans in Chicago are three times more likely to die of diabetes than white residents and almost twice as likely as black residents, according to a study that is spurring calls for action among community leaders.
Our Little Tree By Samaris Ayala My sisters christmas tree No matter how small or tall the tree, she always gave us a tree with much love To have a small tree was not an embarrassment it was really decorated and loved with much sentiment My sisters christmas tree a story possessed each ornament Even when we were having a difficult struggle We never felt we were in trouble because we had an "arbol." c 2006 Samaris Ayala Samaris can be reached at