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"Migration-The Puerto Rican Experience" source: BRONXNET’s documentary “Migration-The Puerto Rican Experience” is the first show of the four-part series to take a closer look into the origins and success stories of the Puerto Rican community in the Bronx. From the first arrival of the Pioneros through present-day elected public office holders, Puerto Ricans have played a prominent role in the development of the Bronx community. Producer and EMMY® Award Winner Walter Garaicoa takes you back in time to discover never-before-seen images of the life of puertorriqueños during the 1940s through the 1970s. The documentary browses through breathtaking photographs and footage from the past century. Mike Amadeo-Owner of Casa Amadeo, Hon. Adolfo Carrión-Bronx Borough President, David Gonzalez-Writer for the New York Times, Lorraine Montenegro-Executive Director of United Bronx Parents, Inc., Hon. José Rivera-NYS Assemblyman, Rossana Rosado-Publisher & CEO of E
Community calendar source: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd 6-9PM OPENING RECEPTION: NOT ENOUGH SPACE Artwork by Oscar Lopez Rivera and Carlos Alberto Torres An Exhibition Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Their Imprisonment The National Boricua Human Rights Network presents Not Enough Space, an exhibition of artwork by two Puerto Rican political prisoners, Carlos Alberto Torres and Oscar Lopez Rivera, who have endured 25 years of incarceration for their actions on behalf of Puerto Rican independence. The exhibition, at The Taller Boricua from September 22nd through November 4th, includes paintings, vibrant pieces of ceramic work and a simulated jail cell installation. With Guests of Honor Dylcia Pagán, former political prisoner, and Jose Lopez, Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center in Chicago and brother of Oscar Lopez Rivera. This exhibition is sponsored by the National Boricua Human Rights Network, and is hosted locally by The Taller Boricua at The J
Executive Director of La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña Remembered Don Otilio Díaz, executive director of La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña in New York City, died Monday, August 21. He was 75. Díaz had no children, but is survived here in New York by a sister and several nieces. A public memorial will be held from 3 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, August 30 and Thursday, August 31 in Room 103 of the Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center, located at 1680 Lexington Avenue near 106 Street in El Barrio. Religious services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, September 1 at Saint Cecilia's Church, located on East 106th Street between Lexington and Park avenues. Diaz will then be buried in his hometown of Guayama, Puerto Rico. Background Otilio Díaz was born in Guayama, near the southern coast of Puerto Rico. He earned a B. A. from the University of Puerto Rico and an M.S. in Educational Administration from Fordham University. In 1981, Mr. Díaz joined La Casa de la H

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Featured story Hartford Courant, Sat, 12 Aug 2006 0:16 AM PDT Agency To Close Hartford Office At Year's End,0,7136756.story The Hartford office of a federal agency that has helped Puerto Ricans in Connecticut register to vote, get birth certificates, find jobs, further their education and establish and maintain economic connections with the island will shut its doors Dec. 31.
Ojeda: FBI Cleared,0,4254269.story?coll=hc-headlines-local

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