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Navy Assures Serrano: We Have No Intention of Returning to Vieques

Last Thursday during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Inhofe (R-Okla.) asked the Navy whether it had plans to return to Vieques, since it seemed well placed to respond to a variety of needs in Latin America. Although the Navy was non-committal in its response, Congressman Serrano immediately asked the Navy to clarify its position on Vieques and sought assurances that it had no intention of returning to Vieques. On Friday, Serrano received confirmation from the Navy’s Congressional Relations office that the Navy has no intention of reopening Vieques as a training range. “I am pleased to hear that the Navy has no plans to return to Vieques,” said Serrano. “The people of Vieques have suffered enough. I am glad that the Navy now realizes the harm that has been caused, and agrees that this painful chapter in the history of Puerto Rico must remain closed.” Source: Congressman Jose Serrano's statement on Vieques in The Serrano Report