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HispanicTrending: Hispanic growth changes face of region One of every seven people in this country is Hispanic...and their population increase now comes from births in the United States.

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Culture and Identity
Boricua Culture: "My friend and I had driven there from Brooklyn so I could explain to her why my town and her Caribbean island weren't so different, even though I'm a Nuyorican city kid through and through." Click on link to the virtualboricua site. Check out Ed Morales' account published in the New York Times on why the Bronx and Puerto Rico weren't so different after all.
Culture and Identity
Boricua Culture Did you know Humboldt Park in Chicago is planning to have a museum dedicated to Puerto Rico? Click on link to read about the plan.

Culture Is A Weapon

Culture Is A Weapon
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Runs With Scissors wrote:
"Between watching my wife create a constant stream of performing art and being present at the celebration of Jose's life I am reminded of how important personal expression is.

Bomba, or Plena is a form of music and dance with strong African roots. The songs and dances not only helped to keep a heritage and culture alive for those who were stolen from Africa, the art was often a method of communication as phrases in songs were sometimes meant to communicate impending slave revolts.

In today's world of homogenized corporate sponsored culture it's wonderful to be reminded how alive we actually are when we actively participate in meaningful culture experiences."

Friday, May 26, 2006

LIN TV Eyes Stations Sale - 5/26/2006 8:36:00 AM - Multichannel News - CA6338520 LIN TV is looking to Sell WAPA-TV, Televicentro Puerto Rico that broadcasts locally produced news and entertainment programming on the island.
Culture and Identity
From Puerto Rico, con amor - The Boston Globe A celebration of the decima
Looking for Crew

Casting a new film “Bronx 3M” (working title), the story of three Latino youths (Maria, Michael and Mona) coming of age in a city going up in flames. The "Bronx 3M" is a trilogy.
Seeking the following crew members: director of photography, assistant director, second assistant director, camera operator, makeup/hair person (with knowledge of makeup and hairstyles of the 1980s), wardrobe person (knowledge of 80s fashions), production designer (who will serve as set designer and art director), sound engineer and editor. Production assistants too.
Bilingual (English-Spanish) a plus. Experience necessary. Deferred payment.
Please send resume to:
Attn: Clarisel Gonzalez
161 East 106th Street, First Floor
New York, NY 10029
“Bronx 3M” is produced under the auspices of MediaNoche’s Digital Filmmakers Program and is made possible with the support of NY Foundation, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NYSCA and individual donors.

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Save Public Access TV/Open Internet Campaign
NATIONAL DAY OF OUT(R)AGE, a national coalition of community media organizations
and individuals, is coordinating a nationwide day of protests with
actions taking place in New York City, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco on Wednesday, May 24th

FAIR is helping to organize the New York City protest. Join us. Make your voice heard.

Wednesday, May 24th
at the Verizon World Headquarters
140 West Street (at Vesey Street).

12:30-1:30pm (Pre-assemble at 12:15pm)
A/C/E/2/3 trains to Chambers St.

We are protesting:
1) Telco-driven congressional legislation (HR 5252 and S.2686) that
endangers public access centers and channels, threatens to red-line
communities, and undermines an open internet by not protecting net

We need to stop these bills in their current form -- we need more protections.

2) Telco collusion with the NSA to illegally violate the privacy of tens of millions of Americans.

We need to demand an investigation and enforcement of the law.

3) The Telco campaign to buyoff statehouse and congressional representatives around the country to push their legislation through.

We need real campaign finance reform and political transparency.

4) The Telco policy of using “astroturf” groups to push their deceptions on the public.

We need to expose these campaigns for what they are -- corporate propaganda.

5) The mergers and takeovers within in the Telco industry that have
resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

We need to stop the AT&T - BellSouth merger until there is
accountability and thorough anti-trust reviews.



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Sunday's Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade
Featured story
South Bend Tribune The call of the frogs (the coqui) goes on

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Crime novelist Steven Torres is author of the Precinct Puerto Rico series. He speaks to PRSUN TV. For more info.,
Support PRSUN TV
If you want to support PRSUN TV, an independently produced monthly cultural arts show that airs on public access TV in the Bronx, there are several things you can do:
1. Tune in/watch the show (It now airs at 3:30 p.m. Mondays, 8:30 a.m. Tuesdays and 12:30 p.m. Thursdays, Channel 69, Bronxnet. It sometimes also airs in Manhattan.)
2. Contribute ideas of shows that you would like to see on the air/send feedback
3. Underwrite -- to help support miscellaneous costs to produce the show (i.e. tapes to record, edit and dub shows, and other expenses related to the production of the TV show). To contribute, just click on the PayPal yellow icon here (at the bottom of this blog). Underwriters (business or individual) donating a product, service or funding to assist this show will be given noncommercial acknowledgement at the end of the show.

PRSUN TV as well as this blog are grassroots efforts. (Continue reading this blog to learn more about the work PRSUN TV has done so far.)

Thank you.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Community Calendar

This Sunday, May 21, the Bronx will celebrate Puerto Rican Pride at the 18th Annual Bronx Puerto Rican Parade along the Grand Concourse.
WHEN: Sunday, May 21, 2006
TIME: 12:15 PM
LOCATION: Grand Concourse @ East Tremont Avenue

Documentary Film Premiere

Terramax Entertainment, an independent film and television production company, in association with the Center for Puerto Rican Studies (CENTRO) at Hunter College/CUNY are presenting the Premiere of the documentary film Politics Con Sabor, the film chronicles the history of the political empowerment of Hispanic in New York State from the early 1900’s to the present.
Writer/Producer/Director, Rafael J. Rivera-Viruet says…“the film is told in vignettes by over sixty former and present elected officials, community and business leaders; and contains candid interviews and footage that will surprise the audience.”
CENTRO sees the potential of the Hispanic voting block on a national level and wants to be part of a National Hispanic Agenda to establish a college level course to teach the importance of political empowerment in the United States.
The film will be shown in two parts:

Part I, takes place from 1898 through 1969 mostly in Brooklyn and Manhattan and will have its Premiere at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College on Lexington Avenue and 68th Street at 8:00PM on Tuesday, May 23rd.

Part II, takes place from 1970 to the present and will make its Premiere at Hostos Community College/CUNY on 149th Street and the Grand Concourse in the Bronx at 8:00 PM on Friday, May 26th.

Boricua of One - NY Latino Journal A photo essay collection -- currently on exhibit in El Barrio -- that captures the culture and politics of the Puerto Rican community from 1998 to 2006.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Community Calendar:

An invite

161 EAST 106th STREET
(btw Lexington & 3rd ave.)

PS109 (99th st btw 2nd / 3rd ave)

Artists, we need your help!
More specifically, we need your thoughts and opinions for a survey of the space needs of artists of all disciplines.
Artspace Projects (, a national nonprofit organization, is working with El Barrio’s Operation Fightback in East Harlem to transform former Public School 109 (PS109) into a live+work arts/community facility. This survey will help us do so. Please join us on May 20th to launch the survey! Starting at 3pm, and each hour thereafter, we will provide a presentation about the project and the survey.
From Saturday May 20 - Saturday July 15, artists of all disciplines are invited to complete a confidential online version of the survey at:
This project will serve the El Barrio community through sustainable cultural infrastructure that facilitates East Harlem not only as a creative community, but also as a Latino cultural capital. As you probably know, there is a lot of good work happening in the area to promote a cultural corridor, and projects like this will only serve to strengthen El Barrio's efforts to provide long-term capacity to the unique voice that has come out of the community for decades.
Specifically, this project will serve the El Barrio community by providing low income live+work units that are at or below 60% area median income. 100% of the live+work units in the facility will be low income units. The facility will also provide some 6-12,000 square feet of arts, culture and community space.
Artist participation in this survey is critical to making this project a reality. Your input will not only help us to understand if there is a need for low income live+work units, it will also help us understand the design and amenities needs within the project.
If you have questions about the survey, contact Artspace Projects at 612.333.9012, MediaNoche at 212.828.0402, or El Barrio's Operation Fightback at 212.410.7900.
(Entre las avenidas Lexington y 3ra.)

PS 109 (Calle 99th. Entre las avenidas 2da. Y 3ra.)

¡Artistas, necesitamos tu colaboración! Para ser más específicos, necesitamos tus ideas y opiniones para determinar las necesidades de espacios de los artistas de todas las disciplinas.
Artspace Projects ( es una organización nacional sin fines de lucro que está trabajando en conjunto con El Barrio’s Operation Fightback en la transformación del edificio donde antiguamente operaba la escuela P.S. 109. Dicho edificio está ubicado en lo que se conoce como el East Harlem. Este proyecto, propone convertir dicho edificio en una instalación comunal de usos múltiples (trabajo/vivienda) para beneficiar a artistas de escasos recursos. Por medio de la presente encuesta, esperamos concretizar este proyecto. ¡Por favor únete a nosotros para el lanzamiento de esta encuesta! Partiendo de las 3 p.m., haremos una presentación sobre el proyecto y la encuesta a cada hora.
Desde el sábado 20 de mayo hasta el sábado 15 de julio, todos los artistas de todas las disciplinas, están invitados a completar la siguiente encuesta, la cuál es estrictamente confidencial. Por favor visite la siguiente dirección internet:
Este proyecto, va a apoyar a la comunidad de El Barrio a través de una infraestructura cultural consistente que apoye al East Harlem, no solamente como una comunidad creativa, sino también, como la capital cultural Latina. A como probablemente ya sabes, se está haciendo una cantidad significativa de trabajo en el área, para promover que El Barrio se convierta en un corredor cultural. Así que, proyectos como este, solamente ayudan a fortalecer los esfuerzos de El Barrio para seguir apostando por un desarrollo ilimitado de esa inigualable voz, que por décadas, ha emanado de la comunidad.
Específicamente, este proyecto apoyará a la comunidad de El Barrio ofreciendo unidades de bajo costo para vivienda+trabajo, calculadas a valer el 60% o menos del salario promedio en el área. El complejo habitacional también ofrecerá entre 6 y 12,000 metros cuadrados de espacio comunitario para uso artístico y cultural.
La participación de los artistas en esta encuesta es crucial para poder convertir este proyecto en realidad. La información que proveas, no sólo va ayudarnos a entender si existe necesidad y demanda por unidades de vivienda+trabajo, sino que también nos va a ayudar a entender que tipo de diseño y comodidades son requeridas para este proyecto.
Si tienes alguna duda o pregunta sobre esta encuesta, contacta MediaNoche al 212.828.0401, o El Barrio's Operation Fightback al 212.410.7900

Sources: MediaNoche and El Barrio's Operation Fightback

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade will be held on 5th Avenue in
New York City on Sunday June 11, 2006 starting at 11:00 AM
The Board of Directors of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc.
has made the following designations for this magnum event:

National Grand Marshall - Marc Anthony
States Marshall - Hon. Eddie Perez, Mayor of Hartford, CT
National Godmother - Jackie Guerrido
International Godmother - Pilar Montenegro
New York Godfather - Fat Joe
New York Godmother - Hon. Carmen Arroyo
Puerto Rico Godfather - Don Omar
NY - Youth Godmother - Nilda Rosario
NY - Youth Godfather - D.J. Casanova
Youth Godfather Puerto Rico - Michael Stuart
Children's Godfather - Pedro Santos - Payaso Piruli
Artists Godfather - Tommy Torres
Ambassadors of Youth - The Angels
Life-Time Achievements Awards - Hon. Jose Rivera
Parade Dedication - Hector Lavoe Music
Hometown Dedication - Florida, Puerto Rico
Centenary Dedication - Comerío, Puerto Rico
States Dedication - Connecticut
Ambassadors of Goodwill
1. Candela
2. Hector El Bambino
3. Miguel Cotto
4. Julio Voltio

We reach out to all Puerto Ricans to only display Puerto Rican flags
without any symbols. For more information, call the National Puerto
Rican Parade Office in New York at 718-401-0404.

View photos of the 2005 Parade

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Journalist Vivian Lake interviews crime novelist Steven Torres, author of the Precinct Puerto Rico series, for PRSUN TV.

The show featuring Steven Torres will start airing at 3:30 p.m. Monday, May 15, Channel 69, Bronxnet. Torres, the son of Puerto Rican parents, is a Bronx native.

The show usually repeats at 3:30 p.m. Mondays, 8:30 a.m. Tuesdays and 12:30 p.m. Thursdays, Channel 69.

PRSUN TV is a monthly cultural arts show.

The interview is expected to also air in Manhattan during the time slot of PRDream on MNN, the public access station in Manhattan.

For more information about the writer, his site is
Featured story:
Puerto Rican crisis sparks exodus - Orlando Sentinel : Nation/World


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Community Calendar





In time for El Barrio Week and Puerto Rican Day Parade celebrations, El Museo presents this film about an expedition headed by a young archeologist who accidentally discovers the last tribe of Taíno Indians, who have been living hidden away from civilization for more than 500 years. The movie, released in 2005, was filmed on location in the Puerto Rican towns of Comerio, Arecibo, Juana Diaz, Jayuya, Gurabo, Ponce, Manati and Naranjito. Written and directed by Benjamin Lopez.

In Spanish with English Subtitles.

Director will be present.

Admission: Free.

Wednesday, May 31, 8:00 pm: Cayo

Join us for a special presentation of this new Puerto Rican film starring soap-opera star Kamar de los Reyes and Roselyn Sanchez. In this film, three friends with big dreams try to deal with the challenges life throws their way, including rivalry in love. After much time abroad, Julia and Ivan, who has only 6 months to live due to cancer, return to their homeland and eventually reconcile with their old friend, whose life unraveled when they left years ago. Puerto Rico's submission to the Oscars in the best foreign film category. Directed by Vincente Juarbe, 2005.

In Spanish with English Subtitles. Admission: Free.

Screenings are free and open to the public. Both films will be shown at Teatro Heckscher of El Museo del Barrio.

El Museo is located at 1230 Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Streets and may be reached by subway: #6 to 103rd Street station; #2, #3 to Central Park North/110th Street station or by bus: M1, M3, M4 on Madison and Fifth Avenues to 104th Street; local crosstown service between Yorkville or East Harlem and the Upper West Side M96 and M106 or M2. Museum hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Monday and Tuesday. Suggested museum admission: $6 adults; $4 students and seniors; members and children under 12 accompanied by an adult enter free. For more information, contact or 212-831-7272.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Looking for Actors -- Cast Call This Week

Casting a new film “Bronx 3M” (working title), the story of three
Latino youths (Maria, Michael and Mona) coming of age in a city going
up in flames. The "Bronx 3M" is a trilogy. We are currently casting
for "Mona's Move," the story of a Latina teenager struggling with her
sexual identity and those of others.

Looking for all types and ages — especially teenagers and young
adults. Bilingual (English-Spanish) a plus. Deferred payment.

Open cast call for male roles on Wednesday, May 10, from 2 to 6 p.m. at PRDream/MediaNoche in East Harlem/El Barrio; and casting for female roles on Thursday, May 11, from 2 to 6 p.m., same place. Actors are asked to come prepared with a short monologue for the cast call as well as an updated photo and resume.

Or, please send an updated photo and resume to:
Attn: Clarisel Gonzalez
161 East 106th Street, First Floor
New York, NY 10029
“Bronx 3M” is produced under the auspices of MediaNoche’s Digital
Filmmakers Program and is made possible with the support of NY
Foundation, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NYSCA and individual
Featured story
Puerto Rican Leaders OK Fiscal Deal - Yahoo! News

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

P.R. in Crisis
Democracy Now! | Puerto Rico Imposes Partial Government Shutdown Amid Financial Crisis Transcript of a conversation between journalists Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman and political commentator and analyst Luis Davila Colon

Monday, May 01, 2006


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Day Without an Immigrant

Bronx, NY

1M Immigrants Skip Work for Demonstration - Yahoo! News

The NYC City Council to Hold Hearing on Public Access TV

WHAT: The NYC City Council will hold a hearing the morning of Thursday, May 4th in support of Public Access and against the COPE bill, currently being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives (see attached Resolution).

The City Council has been supportive of Public Access in the past, so this is a friendly hearing. This is an opportunity for MNN to forge stronger relationships with our friends and allies of Community Access TV. We need to demonstrate our unity as producers, friends and supports of Public Access. This will help build relationships and support for MNN's upcoming franchise negotiations in 2008.

WHO: It is critical for MNN producers, community and faith-based groups, to attend the hearing to show the Council how important Public Access is for the residents and organizations of Manhattan. MNN will be joined by staff, producers and community organizations from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island -- setting a powerful example of unity in opposition to the COPE bill.

You MUST sign up to attend the hearing, by emailing or calling 212-757-2670 x 308. Please provide your NAME and the best PHONE NUMBER and TIME to contact you at. We will need to get in touch with all producers and representatives of community groups who wish to attend so we are able to quickly to give you updated logistical information, such as our initial meeting place.

The hearing is from 10 am-12:30 pm. We hope you can stay for a potential press conference and/ or photo opportunity at 1 pm on the steps of City Hall.

WHEN: Thursday, May 4th. Pre-assemble and Prep at 9:15AM; Hearing at 10am.

WHERE: Pre-assemble at City Hall Park, @ the corner Center and Chambers Streets at 9:15AM. Take the 4/5/6/N/R to City Hall, or the A/C/E/1/9/2/3 to Chambers.

WHY: We all need to say NO to COPE! We need you to play critical role in PROTECTING THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC ACCESS!
PR in Crisis
ABC News: Puerto Rico Imposes Partial Shutdown


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