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The launching of a Nuyorican time capsule

Community calendar Here is an excerpt from an entry at : "Blueprints for a Nation is an installation of artifacts created by Adál for El Puerto Rican Embassy Project and its parent state El Spirit Republic de Puerto Rico. El Spirit Republic de Puerto Rico is a mythological nation/state or mundus imaginales founded by Eduardo Figueroa in 1976 and established in 1994 by Adál Maldonado and Rev. Pedro Pietri in the world of hard objects as a space of cultural resistance and political and social affirmation. In Adál’s installation, Blueprints for a Nation, it is also an artistic expression rooted on linguistic traditions as well as photographic and interdisciplinary practices, and a spiritual sanctuary where its citizens are empowered through their own creative intentions." To read more about the installation and to learn about the Nuyorican time capsule that will be remained sealed for 100 years and opened on May 14, 2109, go to www.lostidentiti