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Community News MediaNoche Digital Film Studio 161 East 106th Street, New York, NY 10029 WRITE YOUR SHORT SCREENPLAY IN ONE DAY! (Aqui se habla espanol) GET READY FOR THE NEXT SHORT FILM CONTEST (5-15 MINUTE SCREENPLAY)! Saturday, April 2, 10AM -6PM at MediaNoche Award-winning screenwriter/director Janis Astor del Valle takes you through the whole process: From concept to character development to story structure to outline and screenplay -- by the end of the day! This is an intensive one-day workshop covering all of the basics and resulting in an outline or script, depending on how much muscle you bring to the workshop! Workshop fee: $250 For information or to register: (212) 828-0401 ======================================= Judith Escalona Director PRDREAM.COM 161 East 106th Street (212)828-0401 Empowering community through technology ========================================

Passing Ship

Passing Ship Originally uploaded by clarisel . You are invited to view new collection of photos from El Morro, Old San Juan.

My Flags and a Beautiful Sunset

My Flags and a Beautiful Sunset Originally uploaded by clarisel . Stop in my page at flickr for a collection of photos from Arecibo, P.R.

Boat squircle

Boat squircle Originally uploaded by DogFromSPACE . Photo by "DogFromSpace" Photo featured as part of the Caribbean photo pool at flickr. Images reflect the beauty of the different Caribbean islands.

English Class at the Garden

English Class at the Garden Originally uploaded by clarisel .

La Rogativa, Siluetas del pasado

La Rogativa, Siluetas del pasado Originally uploaded by GinoPR . View more of Gino's photos at flickr. Doesn't it look a bit spooky? Great shot from Gino, a member of the Puerto Rico Sun photo pool at flickr.
Education Corner Latino High School Education: A Nation’s Priority by Manuel Hernández There has been a lot of talk about the “President's New High School Initiative, Other Proposed Programs Tackle Issues Important to Hispanics”. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s February 23rd Press Release, the President's budget focuses on high dropout rate, teacher quality and college aid. There is no doubt that the November 2nd elections defined Latinos as the vote that defined the new administration’s priorities in education. The initiative proposes to increase funding to make sure that every high school student reaches high standards, including Latino teens. The issue of Latino education is key to the Bush administration. Statistics have confirmed that Latino teens are likely to receive a quality education than most other Americans. The “New High School Initiative” is a proclamation to enable high school students to prepare to graduate with the skills they need to succe