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To Be or Not To Be Supreme Court Judge: Sonia Sotomayor

Commentary By Manuel Hernandez Carmona There has been a lot of debate over the qualifications and character of the nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor. To be or not to be Supreme Court judge that is the national question. The up and coming confirmation of the Puerto Rican judge from the Bronx has refueled the issue of who is and who is not qualified to be United States Supreme Court Judge. Her critics have questioned her integrity and vision, yet they admire her tenacity at the Senate Hearings. Although in terms of curriculum vitae, she is overqualified---her critics continue to question decisions she made as Federal District judge and as judge at the US Circuit Court of Appeals. Many have questioned the influence that her ethnicity and humble backgrounds may have in future judicial decisions. The United States has made its forefathers proud with the election of President Barack Obama, but his choice for Supreme Court Judge really has taken liberty and justice for all to the next level