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One-on-One with Broadway’s Natalie Toro

B roadway actress and singer Natalie Toro reflects on growing up in the Bronx and her professional journey. During Puerto Rican Heritage Month in November, I had the pleasure of listening to Toro sing and to hear a little of her story at an event in the Bronx. Toro recently spoke with Puerto Rico Sun about her mom, her Broadway career and her new CD. Q: Please tell me a little about you. Where do you live? A: I live in Manhattan on the Upper West Side. Q: You recently were honored during the Bronx Puerto Rican Heritage Month celebration. What does having that honor mean to you? A: Being in this business, being a woman and being a Latina, makes it difficult to achieve certain things because you are always judged by the color of your skin and ethnicity. But in the theater, you can go beyond the color of your skin. You have to think outside the box, but I never forget where I come from and what my family (especially my mom) had to go through to help me realize my dream. And being honored