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Puerto Rican Artisan and Health Fair in the Bronx

Community calendar The Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture at Hostos Community College will be transformed into a typical Puerto Rican plaza this weekend, with fountains, palm trees, piragua and coquito carts and artists, sculptors, vejigante mask makers and artisans selling traditional wares. The transformation will take place tomorrow for Comité Noviembre’s fourth annual artisans fair. Over 30 artesanos puertorriqueños from throughout the United States and Puerto Rico will showcase their unique and traditional art at the fair. Musical and cultural acts will entertain throughout the day, and children and adults will have the opportunity to take part in workshops on mask-making, the history of the Three Kings Celebration, and the music of Puerto Rico and the Taíno Indigenous People. This year’s event also features a health fair to educate people about the chronic diseases that have a disparate affect on our community, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obe