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PRSUN Radio chats with Urban Jibaro George Torres

My upcoming guest on PRSUN Radio is Urban Jibaro George Torres of Sofrito for your Soul. The show airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday at . George Torres is a social media consultant, cultural activist, radio personality and founder of cultural online magazine . Read a brief bio at my blog at . UPDATE: To listen to the interview, go to my archived show at

PRSUN Radio chats with writer Alexandra Roman Hernandez

My upcoming guest on PRSUN Radio is Puerto Rico-based novelist Alexandra Roman Hernandez who is currently promoting her new book "The Valley of Inspiration." My interview with Alexandra is 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23, at . Here's the press release about the book: THE VALLEY OF INSPIRATION (in Spanish) is a fantasy-adventure novel for young adults written by Alexandra Román de Hernández. In this novel, A.R. de Hernandez, leads the reader to explore the mythological Egyptian world through the eyes of Nailah, a young forger of words, which after the death of her father, a famous author and inspiration, enters a depression that inhibited her writing. The recent discovery of a tomb in the Valley of the Queens, gives hope to Nailah, for the hieroglyphics narrates the journey of a young prince poet, who became one of the most acclaimed poets of his era. Accompanied by her best friend and an Egyptologist, she travels to Egypt to find the Valley

Making the everyday exceptional with food

Here is an interesting community event for those of you who love to cook with a twist. Daisy Martinez has a Food Network show called “Viva Daisy!”, Harumi Kurihara , often times referred as Japan’s Martha and celebrity event planner Karen Bussen will speak at the Japan Society on how once thought “exotic” food or culture is now influencing regular American kitchen.  Both Latin or Japanese food aren’t “go-to” food when cooking at home, but both Harumi and Daisy are trying to change this myth. Click on the image for details. For more information on this event at the Japan Society in Manhattan, go to

PRSUN: Take part in Hispanic Heritage Month book giveaway

Puerto Rico Sun is hosting a Hispanic Heritage Month book giveaway on behalf of Hachette Book Group . Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15 th through October 15 th .     Zumba® By Beto Perez , Maggie Greenwood-Robinson ISBN: 0446546127 Evenings at the Argentine Club By Julia Amante ISBN: 0446581623 Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz By Belinda Acosta ISBN: 044654051X Tell Me Something True By Leila Cobo ISBN: 0446519367 Amigoland By Oscar Casares ISBN: 0316159697   Each winner will receive one whole set of books (5 books) for the giveaway.   If you are interested in receiving the book giveaway, please send me your name and address to clarisel (at) Only five winners will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Giveaway is only open to US and Canadian residents. No PO Boxes please.   Good luck, and Happy Hispanic Heritage Month. UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS. Giveaway is now closed.  

Add your voice to the Library of Congress

Opportunity Take home a free CD of your oral history StoryCorps  Historias, an initiative to gather and preserve in sound the life stories of Latinos across the country, will be in  New York City  to record your story of endurance, resilience, achievement and hope. Working in partnership with the Center for  Puerto Rican Studies , StoryCorps Historias will document the history of your loved ones for generations to come. A StoryCorps interview is a 45-minute conversation between two people who know each other. A trained facilitator will be present with you and your partner throughout the interview process to help you have a comfortable and meaningful experience, and to handle all technical aspects of the recording. You'll take home a broadcast-quality audio CD, and with your permission, copies will go to the  American Folklife Center  at the  Library of Congress . Segments of interviews may also air on  National Public Radio . Visit  to see samp

Q&A: Lillian Jimenez, Producer/Director, Antonia Pantoja: Presente!

“Antonia Pantoja: Presente!” is in the lineup of this season’s VOCES series, which also features films about music legends Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. The signature series airs this month on WNET (Channel 13 in NYC) and is a showcase of documentaries celebrating the rich diversity of Latino life. It will be presented on national public television in conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month. New York Latino Community Examiner interviewed the director/producer Lillian Jimenez on her project about the late Puerto Rican visionary. Go to my site at Examiner for more Here's a short video courtesy of VOCESMedia at YouTube:

The spirit of the Young Lords lives on

Commentary It was 1969, the year remembered by many as when the New York Mets won the World Series. It was also the year that a group of Puerto Rican activists formed the New York chapter of the Young Lords. The revolutionary Young Lords Party, which led protests against conditions faced by Puerto Ricans and led to the takeover of the First Spanish Methodist “The People’s” Church in East Harlem in December 1969, definitely has its place in history for their activism to bring change in the Puerto Rican community in New York and elsewhere. Last month, the former Young Lords came together to celebrate the 40th anniversary at the old East Harlem church. While the group doesn’t exist today, the legacy of the Young Lords continues.  On that hot August Sunday, more than 20 former members of the Lords gathered at the church to share their experiences, inspiring a current and future generation of young activists to take action against injustices affecting their community.  The church in

Comite Noviembre seeks boricuas making a difference in their communities

Lo mejor de nuestra comunidad awards Through Lo Mejor de Nuestra Comunidad award, Comité Noviembre in New York City recognizes outstanding individuals who are the unsung heroes of our community and who are making a difference in the Puerto Rican communities of this country. Puerto Ricans whose pride in their heritage and strength of character have empowered themselves and inspired others to make significant impact on the community are recognized. The recipients of this award are chosen by Comité Noviembre from nominations submitted by the community. These individuals are honored at the kick-off celebration of Puerto Rican Heritage Month. The nomination criteria and form for Lo Mejor de Nuestra Comunidad award is now available at Comite Noviembre's website. The deadline for nominations to be received by CN is Wednesday, September 23rd. Recipients of the award will be informed by Monday, September 28th. The Institute for the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly spearheads the awards proce

A celebration of Puerto Rican culture in Central Park

Visit my site at flickr for photos taken at the Fiesta Folklorica last Sunday. Go to . Click on my Puerto Ricans in NYC events '09 photo set. The Puerto Rican Folkloric Festival is definitely a celebration of Puerto Rican culture, tradition and heritage in New York City. Check out my PRSUN TV site at YouTube for scenes of the Bronx-based Danza Fiesta performing at the festival. Click on "@ Fiesta Folklorica PR" at (photo by Clarisel Gonzalez)