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Building community

A significant part of Puerto Rico Sun's mission is building community. The social networks have been instrumental in helping us fulfill our mission. I want to thank everyone who is part of the PRSUN familia in one way or another. Looking forward to a prosperous new year. Here's a glance: PRSUN on Twitter, 895 followers Clarisel Gonzalez on Facebook, 1,486 friends Puerto Rico Sun Communications' Facebook page (open): 259 fans Puerto Rico Sun's Facebook group (closed/by invite): 162 members Clarisel's Photo Place page at Facebook, 42 fans Puerto Rico Sun's very own social network at : 68 members PRSUN at MySpace: 386 friends New: Puerto Rico Sun Communications' LinkedIn group: 29 members Happy new year from Puerto Rico Sun Communications. PRSUN hopes to grow as a community media and art business in the new year. One way you can help support our efforts is by leaving a tip via PayPal.