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'Nuestras Abuelas' Exhibit in Massachusetts

Our art The Nuestras Abuelas Project was launched in December 2007 in La Prensa of Western Massachusetts, a monthly bilingual newspaper founded by boricua Natalia Muñoz. Each month La Prensa runs a full page with pictures and text of a grandmother from Latin America. During September-October, the entire collection of photographs, creative text and personal objects will be presented together in exhibits at the Westfield and Holyoke Libraries. The Nuestras Abuelas exhibition at UMASS, curated by Noemí E. Valentín, Waleska Santiago and Muñoz, is a celebration of the legacy of our grandmothers’ struggles, responsibility, work, and love through the eyes of their granddaughters. Focusing on the Latina and Puerto Rican women’s experience, the exhibit gives a glimpse of the world and times in which they lived, which today serve to inspire and motivate us. Opening reception for the exhibit Tomorrow, 5-7 p.m. Free Central Gallery UMASS, Amherst Music by Lorena Garay The Nuestras Abuelas