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Despierta Boricua Collects Coats for Kids

In the Mailbox As the temperatures begin to drop, countless children find themselves shivering because they do not have access to sufficient clothing for the seasons. Coats, sweaters, and other items that many of us take for granted as we organize our wardrobe, are magical items that exist in the dreams of these children. Perhaps we can come together and make these dreams a reality as no one should be forced to imagine a world where their basic needs are met…they should simply exist in it. For the next two months, Despierta Boricua, Inc. will be collecting coats and other items of winter clothing for children between the ages of 0-4. The clothing may be mailed or personally brought to the following address: 400 Grant Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11208 The point of contact for this project is Maria Torres who can be reached at Please be sure to contact her prior to the deliverance of any clothing so that nothing is lost. -- Mission F.U.E.G.O. FORMING UNITY th