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My day of dreams at the Nuyorican Poets Café

In the first person If you’ve ever been to the Nuyorican Poets Café in lower Manhattan than you can understand why it would be such an honor for my first public performance outside of school to be at this historical Café. It was a Sunday in the middle of the afternoon and I was seemingly relaxed. I was coming above ground from the 6 train, probably the most eager as I’ve ever been. My older sister Lisa and I strolled the streets of the L.E.S. searching for this landmark. My blood was boiling with excitement. I was headed to the Urban Word’s 11th Annual Teen Poetry Preliminary Round at the Nuyorican! Life couldn’t get better. I spent countless hours practicing the poem, so I wasn’t nervous about my memorization of my piece. I remember the names were placed in a raffle envelope as everyone took a seat for a chance to spill their guts into the mic for the judges. “This rug is a very famous one, one that Saul Williams and other famous poets have stood on; you should be honored to re