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WNYC - WNYC News Blog » Puerto Ricans in New York Struggling…Still

WNYC - WNYC News Blog » Puerto Ricans in New York Struggling…Still Interesting article on Puerto Ricans in New York

Puerto Rican Artisan and Health Fair in the Bronx

Community calendar The Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture at Hostos Community College will be transformed into a typical Puerto Rican plaza this weekend, with fountains, palm trees, piragua and coquito carts and artists, sculptors, vejigante mask makers and artisans selling traditional wares. The transformation will take place tomorrow for Comité Noviembre’s fourth annual artisans fair. Over 30 artesanos puertorriqueños from throughout the United States and Puerto Rico will showcase their unique and traditional art at the fair. Musical and cultural acts will entertain throughout the day, and children and adults will have the opportunity to take part in workshops on mask-making, the history of the Three Kings Celebration, and the music of Puerto Rico and the Taíno Indigenous People. This year’s event also features a health fair to educate people about the chronic diseases that have a disparate affect on our community, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obe

LLADRÓ Celebrates Puerto Rican Day with launch of Our Lady of Providence

As a photographer, one of my favorite subjects to shoot are religious icons. The Virgin Mary is on top of my list. Our Lady of Providence, the patroness of Puerto Rico , is, of course, one of my favorite images to photograph. Actually, I have introduced several people in New York City to Our Lady of Providence through my photography. One of my most popular photographs is an image I shot of Our Lady of Providence at St. Jerome's Church in the South Bronx, and one of my photos will be published in an upcoming religious book (TBA) and is currently on display at an art exhibit at the Bronx Blue Bedroom Project in the Bronx. As you could imagine, I was so happy to learn that Lladró will launch a sculpture in her likeness at an event in New York City during Puerto Rican Heritage Month. I hope to be there. Here's the press release: Lladró, the world renowned Spanish producer of exquisite porcelain works of art, will launch a sculpture in tribute to the patroness of Puerto Rico,

The 2010 Census and Puerto Ricans

Community calendar Research Seminar The 2010 Census and Puerto Ricans: Statistical Policy Issues and Politics Presenter: Angelo Falcon, President, National Institute for Latino Policy Refreshments will be served 6 p.m., Thurs., Nov. 12 Centro Conference Room 1437 East Bldg. at Hunter College in Manhattan For more information,

PRSUN Radio chats with Comite Noviembre's Teresa Santiago

PRSUN Radio puts a spotlight on Comite Noviembre, an organization that celebrates a host of activities in New York City for Puerto Rican Heritage Month. I chat with CN's Teresa Santiago tomorrow at . November is Puerto Rican Heritage Month in NYC and a key woman behind many of the cultural, civic and artistic celebrations going on is Teresa Santiago. For more information about the nonprofit Comite Noviembre, go to To listen live, the interview is at 9 p.m. tomorrow. After it airs, the show will be archived and available online. UPDATE: Listen to my interview with Teresa Santiago at .

Puerto Rican-related opportunites at Centro

Centro - Request for Proposals Submission Deadlines: November 15th - for Spring semester The Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro) seeks proposals for cultural and educational activities that contribute to the study and interpretation of the Puerto Rican experience in the United States. Proposals must address Centro's core mission of advancing knowledge about the Puerto Rican experience in the United States. LIBRARY & ARCHIVES Request for Historical Preservation & Research Partnership Proposals Application deadline for Spring 2010 Grants: Nov. 18, 2009 Application deadline for 2010-11 Grants: Jul. 1, 2010 The Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro) seeks partners to collect archival material, conduct research and disseminate knowledge about the history of Puerto Rican communities and individuals in the United States. Centro will provide limited funding on competitive bases to awardees for initiating projects for the