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Friday, October 10, 2008

Community calendar

Closing reception for Miguel Trelles' painting exhibition TRAMITE: Hsiao
@ the Gabarron Foundation for the Arts (, 149 East 38th Street (between Lexington & 3rd Ave.), Manhattan
7-9 p.m. Wednesday, October 15

About the exhibit:
The Gabarron Foundation is pleased to present “TRAMITE: HSIAO” by Miguel Trelles. The exhibition, which has been on display since September, will run through October 20 at 149 East 38th Street, Manhattan. The gallery is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment Monday - Friday at (212) 573-6968.

TrĂ¡mite Hsiao is a creative reinterpretation of Chinese scholar-official painter’s Li Kung-Lin’s (1041-1106) enlightening painting hand scroll: the “Hsiao-Ching” (Xiaojing tu) or The Classic of Filial Piety. In it Li adapted to his age the admonitions extolling filial piety found in a Confucian text (350 – 200 B.C.). Li’s adaptation highlights social interactions in11th Century China. The 18 compositions of TRAMITE: HSIAO, portray demon-like creatures from a later Chinese hand scroll by Kung K’ai (1222 –ca. 1304), “Chung K’uei Traveling”, assuming the social roles originally rendered by Li. While retaining the compositions of Li’s Xiaojing tu, TRAMITE constitutes a reinterpretation. The later “demons” scroll constitutes an ethnic caricature of the “other” in 13th Century China. Since in 21st Century Latinos/Hispanic in the United States are a significant “other”, Trelles has appropriated Chung K’uei’s demon countenances to convey Latinos/Hispanic “otherness” in their new setting.

Miguel Trelles is an artist who works out of New York City. After obtaining a B.A. in Art History and Studio Art at Brown University, Miguel Trelles attended graduate courses in Chinese Art History at Yale University. He then took up lithography at the Ecole Superieur des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. Trelles holds an M.F.A. (1995) from Hunter College. Trelles’ paintings have traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Santo Domingo, Havana, Tegucigalpa, Buenos Aires, and Paris, among others. Trelles’ work is part of several permanent collections such as those in El Museo del Barrio and Deutsche Bank in New York and in El Museo de Arte de Ponce and the Institue of Puerto Rican Culture in Puerto Rico. His current work, chino-latino, recontextualizes classic Chinese painting in order to highlight its timeless relevance. With Hsiao, chino-latino delves into figurative, non-landscape Chinese painting models. He is also an adjunct professor of Studio Art at Hunter College in New York, and he also teaches at Baruch College.

The Gabarron Foundation Carriage House Center for the Arts has been serving the Spanish and American communities since 2002 promoting the Spanish and Latin American Arts and Culture in the States through exhibitions, seminars, and lectures.

source: Gabarron