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Thursday, September 17, 2009

PRSUN Radio chats with writer Alexandra Roman Hernandez

My upcoming guest on PRSUN Radio is Puerto Rico-based novelist Alexandra Roman Hernandez who is currently promoting her new book "The Valley of Inspiration." My interview with Alexandra is 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23, at
Here's the press release about the book:
THE VALLEY OF INSPIRATION (in Spanish) is a fantasy-adventure novel for young adults written by Alexandra Román de Hernández. In this novel, A.R. de Hernandez, leads the reader to explore the mythological Egyptian world through the eyes of Nailah, a young forger of words, which after the death of her father, a famous author and inspiration, enters a depression that inhibited her writing. The recent discovery of a tomb in the Valley of the Queens, gives hope to Nailah, for the hieroglyphics narrates the journey of a young prince poet, who became one of the most acclaimed poets of his era.
Accompanied by her best friend and an Egyptologist, she travels to Egypt to find the Valley of Inspiration, but first she must find the followers of the ancient Egyptian religion, who have lived in anonymity for centuries and are the only ones who may lead her to the valley. Armed with the sacred symbol of the Egyptian religion that will help her find the followers, Nailah undertakes the adventure of her life.
Through The Valley of Inspiration-a magical journey to the land of Pharaohs and Egyptian gods’ world-this novel author teaches us to understand that sometimes we need to lose our sources of inspiration, to realize that we are able to achieve our goals if we believe in ourselves.
For Alexandra's bio, go to my blog at
Some of you may know Alexandra. She is a member of the Puerto Rico Sun social network at

UPDATE: Come listen to PRSUN Radio chats with author Alexandra Roman on PRSUN RADIO at