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El Rev. Pedro Pietri Hand Awards

Community calendar The awards ceremony at Hunter College in Manhattan is Friday. Award winners are Puerto Rican Traveling Theater's Miriam Colon , the late boxer and writer Jose "Chegui" Torres (in memory), activist, filmmaker, writer, and artist Dylcia Pagan , poet/playwright Tato Laviera , poet/playwright and author Ntozake Shange and photographer, filmmaker and director Carlos Ortiz . The award honors the memory of the late Rev. Pedro Pietri, one of the most gift poets and playwrights of the Twentieth Century and co-founder of the Nuyorican Poetry Movement. The award was created to recognize significant artistic and cultural contributions by Puerto Rican/Nuyorican poets, artists and political activists working in their fields today. For more information, go to (Click on image to see larger text.)