The 116th Festival Brings Joy to El Barrio

It’s been two years of no dancing and no cheering on the streets of El Barrio. But all the dancing and cheering came back last weekend at the   116th Street Festival.  True the pandemic has played a major role in the joy of the city, especially among the Latin American community.  But the music, food, and dancing brought the crowds back to El Barrio on Saturday, June 11. The festival achieved its goal of bringing everyone together for the day from community residents to artists to business leaders. As this reporter took pictures, you could feel the happiness. Even though the fear of #covid19 still lingers, there was joy in El Barrio.   (photos and text by Ismael Nunez for PRSUN) To view more of Ismael's photos, visit him on Flickr . 

@ the 65th Annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade, NYC

Click here to view full album. (Photos by Clarisel Gonzalez) #prsun #clariselphoto

East Harlem Remembers Legendary Young Lords and El Barrio Photographer Hiram Maristany

By Ismael Nunez El Museo del Barrio honored the memory of Hiram Maristany with a community celebration on May 15. The former director of El Museo, Maristany was remembered as one of the community’s most gifted artists, a longtime El Barrio resident, a community activist, and a former member and official photographer of the Young Lords Party. “As a photographer, Maristany’s work transcended the purely documentary, and testified to the beauty in our communities,” El Museo del Barrio said in a statement. “Today, and always, we are grateful for his friendship, and loyalty, and continue to be inspired by his commitment to uplifting Puerto Rican and Latinx communities. Rest in power.” He was 76 (August 10, 1945 – March 10, 2022). The program for the event stated: “Maristany first picked up the camera in 1959 while still a teenager, and dedicated the next six decades documenting the life, history, culture, and beauty of his neighborhood.” Active in the cultural and political moveme