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Reminder: Latinas En Foco photography exhibit opens tomorrow

Curator Mia Roman Hernandez says: “Latinas En Foco Celebrating Women in Photography will include more than fifty works by emerging and established artists from Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Mexico, and of Taino Decent. Each artist brings a unique style and vision. These artists have discovered their beauty, their tales and their history in which has been incorporated into their craft of photography. Some of the pieces will depict Latino Cultures, Community, Urban settings, Family, Spirituality and will embrace the feminine empowerment of today’s woman. The viewers will be able to connect to some of the challenges and the ordinary lives of some of the photographs. The photos will evoke emotion, feeling and discussion. They will convey something deeper about how the subjects confront the place where they live and the situation in which they find themselves. Each portrait also provides a broader opportunity to reflect on our shared humanity. Art is an expression of the unconscious and is