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In the Mailbox Recently highlighted in the New York Times, Dionis Ortiz is an artist whose work speaks to the people, cultures and color behind the migration experience. Through paintings, collage, and mixed-media prints, Ortiz delves into passage, movement, journey and exodus, and reveals the beauty in the bustling streets of his Harlem community. The son of Dominican immigrants, Ortiz's works often reflect the unification of his dual identity as an American and an individual of Latin descent. This idea of double consciousness is symbolized in the conjoining of the old and new worlds, usually seen in a merging of landscapes that disappear and reappear to form one "home". Currently, Ortiz's artwork can be seen in the artHARLEM exhibit EVOLUTION: The Changing Face of Harlem, through November 6th; in the Oualie Arts exhibit Confluence: Artists Across the Hudson Divide through November 1st; and at the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration exhibit at Riverbank State