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Puerto Rico promotes itself as a top travel destination

With President Obama's historic and brief visit to Puerto Rico next week, the island is getting worldwide attention. Puerto Rico Tourism Company officials welcome the spotlight to show off the Caribbean island as a "tropical paradise" worth exploring for its rich history, culture, natural wonders, cuisine, sports and more. Despite headlines of the high unemployment and high crime rate on the island, it is impressive that Puerto Rico has actually seen an increase in tourism this year. Tourism reports that hotel occupancy rates this year increased four percent over the same period last year; the island saw a 34 percent increase in visitors from cruise ships last year an expect an increase this year; and the number of airlines flying to Puerto Rico is up, with nine U.S. airlines now servicing the island and another expected later this year. PRSUN met earlier this week with Ciso Moreno of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, which has been spent the last few days at the Caribb