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Q&A: The Mona Passage's Bonafide Rojas

Q: Please describe what the Mona Passage is, what it represents. A: The Mona Passage is a musical experiment by painter/illustrator Vincent Ramirez and myself. Our love for 60’s psychedelia and the 90’s Seattle music scene was our first initial admiration. The longer we’ve played together is the more “experimental.” We want to make the music in the overall presentation of The Mona Passage. The Mona Passage represents an outlet for two artists who are multi-disciplined to make their art their music. Q: Why Mona Passage? How and why is the group named this way? A: If the reader doesn’t know what The Mona Passage is, then they should research right now. I chose The Mona Passage as the name for the band as a sign of solidarity between two musicians, one Puerto Rican, one Dominican. We are not overtly political with our music, but we are proud of our heritage and how it plays a role in music. We will probably never play a salsa/merengue/bomba/bachata song, but that doesn’t mean it didn’