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So I was taught -- Poem by Mia Hernandez

So I was taught that my Island is beautiful Rich in culture, its food and music full of life and fire That we have waterfalls, rainforests, mango and platano trees…ah, and the coqui That we are a unique people Proud and strong Full of fight Brave warriors That our island is only 100 miles long and 40 miles wide of…beauty So I was taught I remember running through the dirt roads and backyards of family members as I vacation each and every summer I remember the aroma of Abuelitas cafecito The aroma that would pull me by my nose and drag me into the house For a taste of its richness Mmmmmmmmmmm, café yaucono con leche I remember her yuca, yautia, malanga and bacalao dishes made with love and delicately put together con un poguito de arroz blanco y tocino I remember running free Arms stretched out The sun shining in my face Sitting under a palm tree Swinging in a maca Just free So I thought I was taught That this was mine It was for me Because after all I am a Boricua and this