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MassMutual Expands Scholarship Program, Helping Students Realize Dreams

Education Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. (MassMutual) is expanding its scholarship program to more states, increasing the number of scholarships, and offering internships in the financial services field to winners. MassMutual is making $135,000 in scholarships available in nine metropolitan areas as part of the program, which is open to students of Hispanic, African-American/Black or Asian/Pacific Islander. High school students from all areas of the country who plan to attend a college or university in these metropolitan areas are also qualified to apply. Applicants for the 27 $5,000 scholarships must meet certain academic criteria, such as having concentrations in the fields of business, economics, finance, financial planning, management, marketing and sales. “When students tell us that our scholarship program could mean the difference between achieving finishing college and dropping out, we are heartened to know that our efforts are paying off, for them and their fam