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Artist Spotlight: Fascious

Fascious Brings Hip Hop Theater to El Barrio Anthony Martinez from the Bronx is a self-described “Hip-Hop Head” who is better known by his pseudonym Fascious. His mission is to promote Hip Hop Theater, telling and dramatizing what he calls the untold stories of the Hip Hop Generation. Tonight you can catch Fascious in action when he performs his one-man Hip Hop Theater show “Penumbra” at Cemi Underground in NYC’s El Barrio. Just like a poet, Fascious breaks down what every letter in his name represents. “Each letter symbolizes several words beginning with that same letter, which collectively defines the essence of its meaning,” he says. F is for the final fatal fights for freedom facing fickle fears frozen from finicky feelings forcefully fenced. A is for the anticipation of Armageddon, awaiting are agents, apostles and after-life arrangements. Allocating Anthony Alphabetic acrobatics ascending authenticity…admire an angel’s anatomy S is for the Schizophrenic suicidal side separ

'Coquiando' at Cemi

Community Calendar 6 p.m., Thursday, July 10 Book presentation: "Coquiando: Meditaciones subversivas para un mundo mejor" by Father Luis Barrios Admission: FREE! Cemi Underground, NYC's El Barrio For more information, or . (Click on image to see larger text.)