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Community News Featured story: Community Development Television (Gotham Gazette. November, 2005) Story on public access television -- The opportunity for community development on public access television may change if pending federal legislation is passed –- because there may no longer be any public access television as we know it.


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Plaza las Americas

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Featured story: The Observer | International | Hollywood dances to a new Latin beat Several U.S. production companies are battling to the first to make a film about reggaethon.
Featured story: Northpinellas: Loggerhead turtle's flight delayed again Bosco keeps trying to head to his new home at the Puerto Rico Zoo, but he keeps getting bumped from his flights: too big, too heavy.
My Sweet Minister By Samaris Ayala My minister sweet minister. He touched many lives, yet he is humble. When I call he speaks with much sympathy. His name is Reverend Alfredo Cotto - Thorner I remember the Thanksgiving dinners at the church for the poor. I remember you inviting my fiancé and I to dinner. I remember you visiting me in the hospital. I remember you never talking about hell in the pulpit. I remember giving me a 350 dollar scholarship from the church. I remember when I went away, you asked the congregation to mail me cards. I remember you praying for my family, even when my poppy was mean. I remember you starting a substance abuse half-way house. I remember you giving me permission to have a boyfriend. I remember you helping my mom, when she was confused. I remember sending me postcards when you were on vacation. I remember letting me teach Sunday school to the children. I remember giving me Christmas gifts. I remember how you allowed me to get close to your wife, Mrs. C


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Rainforest flower.

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News Brief: New York Post Online Edition: news Hill's $50M 'P.R." Move
Featured article: :: Welcome to Manila Bulletin Online :: Our very own Vivian Lake, who has served as book editor of the Puerto Rico Sun, is featured on The Manila Bulletin Online for what else: her work as a litblogger. Check it out. Congratulations Viv!!
Featured story: | Revolutionary To The End

Puerto Rico's Coffee

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Hacienda Buena Vista

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Opinion CourierPostOnline - South Jersey's Web Site Ex-Puerto Rican Gov. Sila M. Calderon offers valuable lesson in New Jersey
Obituary Joseph Monserrat, 84, Leader in Efforts to Unify Latinos, Dies - New York Times


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On the Environment: Caribbean National Forest Wilderness Bill Passes Senate, Heads to White House For Final Approval


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Featured story HOTELS magazine Puerto Rico Convention Center Opens for Business

arroz con gandules

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Featured story: village voice > news > La Victoria de Freddy by Jarrett Murphy The ethnic dimensions of Ferrer's "defeat"


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Lifeguard Post

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Featured story: New York City - Bronx news Mayor's courtship of Latino voters proves significant

The New Yorker: Fiction

Here's an article I just read that I thought I'd share: The New Yorker: Fiction "THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE" by Paul Theroux


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Featured story: All the reggaeton rage

Plaza del Quinto Centenario

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Las escaleras

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Featured story: AP Wire | 11/06/2005 | ILLINOIS STYLE: Latino groceries are now big business in Waukegan
Featured story: A Moribund Independence Movement Stirs Anew - New York Times

Dawn in Naguabo

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New York City - Politics and Boricuas

Featured story: New York City - Politics Will Mike make history?
Featured story The Mayor Tries to Trump His Opponent's Puerto Rican Card - New York Times

hijos de san juan

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (SOURCE: NCLR) Nov 3, 2005 NEW RESEARCH FINDS THAT A FOCUS ON MENTAL HEALTH IS CRITICAL TO IMPROVING OVERALL HEALTH OF LATINOS Long Beach, CA – A report released today by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) Center for Latino Community Health, Evaluation, and Leadership Training finds that Latinos are at a disproportionately high risk for depression and other conditions associated with mental illness, and are also much less likely to seek treatment or receive quality culturally- and linguistically-competent care. The report, Critical Disparities in Latino Mental Health: Transforming Research into Action, also provides education and treatment recommendations that would improve Latino mental health. "Latinos are often reluctant to discuss mental health, but it affects our community disproportionately. When we talk about improving the health of Hispanics and of all Americans, we must address mental hea
EDUCATION CORNER The Sallie Mae Fund National Bus Tour Stops in NYC Area to Address Need to Educate Latinos on College Financial Aid Options Paying for College Tour Empowers the Growing Latino Community to Achieve Their Dreams Through Higher Education WHAT: The Sallie Mae Fund Paying for College Tour will be in Metro NYC to help local Latinos close the financial aid information gap that has been restricting college attendance. The mobile tour bus will be parked in sixteen area locations, where Latino students and their families can access information on scholarships, grants, loans and federal aid in both Spanish and English, through the vehicle's computer resource center, as well as attend an interactive workshop on financial aid to be presented by college graduates. One scholarship will be given out at each workshop to a youth in attendance! WHY: (additional local and national statistics available) In the state of New York, only 16-percent of Latinos over the age of 25 ho


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Torre de Observación

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