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Spirit of East Harlem Mural Defaced

East Harlem Preservation Calls for Community Action and Cultural Educational Campaign During the early hours of June 13, one of El Barrio's s most famous outdoor artworks, the Spirit of East Harlem mural, was mysteriously defaced. The landmark painting has significant historical roots in the history of  Spanish Harlem  and has served as a cultural attraction for thousands of students and tourists from around the country and the world.  Commissioned by Hope Community, Inc. in 1978, the four-story Spirit of East Harlem mural was created by Hank Prussing and featured local residents engaging in everyday activities. Artist Manny Vega, who'd served as Prussing's apprentice, restored the badly weathered mural in the mid-1990s. On June 24 , the main wall of the  Graffiti Wall of Fame  was also painted over; although the alteration may have been in preparation for a new project. Located on the northwest corner of 106th Street and  Park Avenue , the Graffiti Wall of Fame was th