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Senator reacts to city's plans to create commercial kitchen space at La Marqueta

Here are a few photos I shot inside La Marqueta during a visit earlier this summer with the NYC Collective of the Puerto Rican Photographic Society: I recently went to La Marqueta and hope not to return until there is new life there. It is a depressing place to visit and something must be done and very soon to revitalize La Marqueta in NYC's El Barrio, which at one time was a happening place. The place feels like a ghost town. It is sadly not worth visiting. On the day I went, there was an outdoor festival at La Marqueta, but the community festivals don't change the fact that La Marqueta is an empty place on most days of the week. It's really sad. There are a few and I mean a few vendors still there. One said he is counting the days for his lease to be up to go out of business for good. The city now wants to create a commercial kitchen space at La Marqueta, but whatever happens there should include the needs of community residents, and it should live up to its name &quo