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Puerto Rican lawmakers urge decision on island's status Puerto Ricans living on the mainland as well as on the island should have the right to participate in a constitutional convention that would help decide the political status of the territory, several lawmakers and Puerto Rico Gov. Anibal Acevedo-Vila¡ said Tuesday. For more, go to,0,3010318.story?track=rss source: Orlando Sentinel
Looking for Puerto Rican Artists The Institute for Puerto Rican Arts and Culture (IPRAC) is building its permanent home in the historic Humboldt Park Stables, a building culturally significant to Chicago and embraced by the people of Puerto Rican descent who have settled in the Humboldt Park community. The restoration of this architectural and historic treasure will serve as a stimulating setting for IPRAC's exhibitions and cultural activities and will open this fall. Upon completion, IPRAC will represent the only institution on the continental U.S. devoted solely to Puerto Rican arts and culture. As part of the Institute's permanent exhibitions, IPRAC is seeking an artist to design and create a map of Puerto Rico for the Stable's outdoor courtyard. This map will be featured at the grand opening this fall and will be located in the center of the courtyard within a circle of commemorative bricks measuring approximately 19 feet in diameter. For more info., go to www.virtua
Education New Latino Youth Programs Comes to East Harlem Taking Steps to Success Program for Hispanic High School Students Washington, DC –The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the U.S., will join with one of its Affiliates, PROMESA: East Harlem Council for Community Improvement, Inc. (PROMESA/EHCCI), and the PepsiCo Foundation to launch a new program that encourages and helps Latino youth to graduate from high school, prepare for college, and explore career opportunities. PROMESA/EHCCI will be the site of the first Escalera: Taking Steps to Success program in New York. The program launch will take place on Thursday, February 22, at PROMESA: EHCCI, located at 413 East 120th Street in New York, beginning at 11:30 a.m. The pilot program for Escalera was launched in 2002 by NCLR with support from the PepsiCo Foundation and PepsiCo Inc as one strategy to increase the number of Latino students who graduate from h
Community Calendar The CUNY Puerto Rican/Latino Studies Council The Department of Puerto Rican and Latin American Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice National Institute for Latino Policy PRESENT A FORUM ON THE FUTURE OF LATINO/A STUDIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION Suzanne Oboler Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies, University of Illinois, Chicago and Editor of the Latino Studies Journal (Palgrave) Raymond Rocco Associate Professor of Political Science, University of California at Los Angeles and Associate Editor of the Latino Studies Journal Introductions Gabriel Haslip-Viera Chair, Department of Sociology, The City College of CUNY WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2007 3:30 to 5 p.m. John Jay College of Criminal Justice 899 Tenth Avenue, Room 431 (4th Floor) (and 59th Street in Mnahattan) Admission: Free source: National Institute for Latino Policy
BLACK PRIDE LATIN AMERICA NEEDS ITS OWN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT SAYS THE WORLD-FAMOUS RAPPER By TEGO CALDERON Just this morning, I was listening to radio host Luisito Vigeroux talking about a movie project that I am working on which co-stars Mayra Santos Febres and he was saying, "Her? She's starring in it?" Questioning her Black beauty. I remember, too, when Celia Cruz died, a newscaster, thinking she was being smart, said Celia Cruz wasn't black, she was Cuban. She was pretty even though she's black. As if there is something wrong with being black, like the two things can't exist simultaneously and be a majestic thing. There is ignorance and stupidity in Puerto Rico and Latin America when it comes to blackness. To read more, go to:
Politics Puerto Rican official: Tie funding to English classes By Eric Pfeiffer THE WASHINGTON TIMES February 13, 2007 Congress should cut off funds to Puerto Rico if its school system refuses to teach English as well as Spanish, the U.S. territory's Senate president said during a visit to generate congressional support for making the island a state. "All federal appropriations should be conditional," said Puerto Rican Senate President Kenneth McClintock, a Democrat. "Otherwise, it's going to cost generations of Puerto Rican families." Mr. McClintock says some of Puerto Rico's public schools are refusing to teach English, which shares official-language status with Spanish, and that millions of dollars in U.S. appropriations spent on supplemental material has been wasted. To read the full article, go to
Tourism Dominican Republic and P.R., the top Caribbean tourism poles Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic has converted into an authentic tourism reserve in the Caribbean. According to the annual Barometer report issued by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), this country along with Puerto Rico predominate as leaders in terms of tourist arrivals. To read full article, go to
Copy of Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion's State of the Borough Address on February 9 at Hostos Community College 'I chose Hostos this year, because this school, like the Bronx, has a fighting spirit' Good morning. Members of Congress, the state legislature, the City Council, District Attorney Johnson, my fellow Borough Presidents, community board chairs and managers, Bronx community leaders and friends welcome to the 2007 State of the Borough Address. This is our sixth address on the State of our borough. I’m very pleased to be here at the historic Hostos Community College. Please join me in thanking our host today, my friend and the President of Hostos, Dr. Delores Fernandez. Thank you and thanks to the entire Hostos family for working so hard to make this event possible. Eugenio Maria de Hostos!!!! Let me tell you a little about Hostos, he lived from 1839 to 1903, was a Puerto Rican philosopher, pedagogue, writer, sociologist, journalist, abolitionist, fre
Bill Introduced to Provide Self-Determination Process for Puerto Rico This week, Congressman Serrano together with Puerto Rican Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, introduced H.R. 900, a bill to provide a federally sanctioned self-determination process for the people of Puerto Rico. Serrano and Fortuño gathered 81 other members as co-sponsors of the legislation. "I am happy to have been the principal mover behind this legislation, which will start the process to allow Puerto Ricans to decide their status once-and-for-all," Serrano said. "I believe that this legislation has the potential to finally end the colonial status of Puerto Rico. Under a Democratic Congress, I believe the chances for a fair and forthright process for Puerto Rican self-determination are very good." Serrano and Fortuño's bill would allow for a two-step process. First, the people of Puerto Rico, including those born there and now living on the mainland, would be asked if they support a c
Music Awilda Rivera: On the Air By Steven Maginnis The sonorous, silky voice of Awilda Rivera is a comforting presence for listeners of WBGO-FM, the universally acclaimed jazz radio station in Newark, N.J. Every weeknight, from eight at night until one in the morning, Rivera plays a sophisticated set of classic jazz recordings and new releases, addressing her audience in an intimate tone that suggests a gathering between friends. Though she seems like a natural at it, Rivera had in fact never seriously considered a radio career when she first volunteered for the public radio station. “If you had told me that I would end up in radio full time, I never would have believed you,” Rivera says. To read the full article, go to
Community Calendar Monday, February 12, 2007 7 - 11 PM LOVE, LUST & LOSS EROTIC POETRY OPEN MIC AT Carlito's Cafe Bring poems, songs, or any kind of artistic expression. Carlito's Cafe 1701 Lexington Ave (106th/107th Streets) Hosted by Bobby Gonzalez Produced by Jaime "El Maestro" Emeric Alluring attire requested but not required. Be advised that media and photographers will cover this event. KINDLY LEAVE INHIBITIONS AT HOME. Admission $5 No one turned away.