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Keep Your Eye on Lopez

On the sports corner In front of the home crowd in Puerto Rico, World Boxing Organization Super-Bantamweight Champion Juan Manuel Lopez defended his title against Gerry Penalosa last weekend. Lopez entered the ring with an impressive record of 24 victories, 22 by knockout. Lopez did not lose a single round. Penalosa’s heart is most likely what kept him going throughout his fight with Lopez. But by the ninth round, Penalosa’s trainer Freddie Roach had seen enough and threw in the towel to stop the fight. Harold Lederman, judge for HBO Boxing, said: “It’s hard to believe that they didn’t stop the fight a whole lot sooner; it’s Lopez’s fight from the opening bell.” Freddie Roach said, “He was way to strong, my fighter’s face was banged up, he was too good.” And Max Kellerman, boxing commentator, described Lopez as tough. While Lopez’s win is definitely good news for Puerto Rico, the question now is whether he will move up in weight class. Since he’s beaten up everyone in his divisio