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STS 119 Post Landing Crew News Conference

Excerpts from a news conference held March 28 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center with members of the STS-119 crew, which included boricua astronaut Joseph Acaba, following their successful landing of space shuttle Discovery. courtesy of NASA TV

Following the News: A boricua is in space now for real

The Discovery has launched. It is so cool to know that a boricua astronaut is in space right now. Joseph Acaba is part of the crew of seven. He is making history as the first astronaut of Puerto Rican heritage in space. Here's a report on tonight's launch: To read Acaba's bio, go to or click on this entry's headline. Here are some photos I took between yesterday and tonight on news coverage of our boricua going to space. For more photos, visit my photo page at . (photos by Clarisel Gonzalez of some of the TV coverage)