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The 2010 Census and Puerto Ricans

Community calendar Research Seminar The 2010 Census and Puerto Ricans: Statistical Policy Issues and Politics Presenter: Angelo Falcon, President, National Institute for Latino Policy Refreshments will be served 6 p.m., Thurs., Nov. 12 Centro Conference Room 1437 East Bldg. at Hunter College in Manhattan For more information,
On Latino Policy The National Institute for Latino Policy recently provided some interesting information on Puerto Ricans stateside and how the stateside population continues to outnumber those living on the island. Here's an excerpt of an entry from the Institute July 14 bi-monthly newsletter, edited by Angelo Falcon: Puerto Rican Population Stateside Continues to Exceed that of Puerto Rico In 2004, the Atlas of Stateside Puerto Ricans documented for the first time the stateside Puerto Rican population exceeded that of Puerto Rico in 2003 by 163,246. The latest statistics from the Census Bureau, from the 2006 American Community Survey (ACS), estimates that this gap has grown: in 2006 there were 3,987,947 Puerto Ricans living stateside compared to 3,745,007 in Puerto Rico, meaning that there are 242,940 more Puerto Ricans stateside than in Puerto Rico. Does this development have implications for the politics and policy issues of the Puerto Rican community as a whole? In