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Happy Anniversary to PRSUN Photo Group @ Flickr

Today is the second anniversary of the Puerto Rico Sun photo group at flickr. Here are some images recently posted in our pool by a mix of photographers. Enjoy.

Technicolor Chickies.

Technicolor Chickies. Originally uploaded by chromachord .

Fresh rain.

Fresh rain. Originally uploaded by chromachord .


Parguera Originally uploaded by Priper . Hanging out in Caracoles, just before sunset, Lajas

Just there

Just there Originally uploaded by Priper . Parguera, Puerto Rico

Instrumento de justicia

Instrumento de justicia Originally uploaded by quinonesanibal .
TV Visions of Puerto Rico Premiers Nationwide on PBS Monday, August 7, 2006 at 8 PM! (check for local airdates and times) New York, NY--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--VISIONS OF PUERTO RICO offers viewers a visit in paradise from the timeless plazas of Old San Juan around the island and back again, using the lighthouses at the four corners of the island as transition points. The first Caribbean destination in the popular VISIONS series features aerial and ground footage shot in high definition with the latest technology; informative narration about the island’s rich history, architecture and lush natural beauty; and a soundtrack of local favorites including the omnipresent chirp of the tiny coqui frog. Rita Moreno narrates. For an island barely 35 miles wide by 100 miles long there is more natural diversity than anyone would believe, and VISIONS OF PUERTO RICO makes the ultimate tour possible, showcasing all of Puerto Rico’s many facets – whether up close with the vibrant dancers
Community Calendar Keeper of History-Holder of Dreams You are invited to: Diógenes Ballester”s exhibition Keeper of History-Holder of Dreams at The National Museum of Catholic Art and History. An Opening Night Reception will be held at the Museum on 20 July 2006, 5:30-8:00 p.m. The National Museum of Catholic Art and History 443 East 115th Street New York, New York 10029 Phone: (212) 828-5209 Facsimile: (212) 828-5208 Contact: Paul Tabor, Director of Development E-mail: Peggy Hammerle-McGuire, Curator E-mail:


IMG_5518 Originally uploaded by clarisel . National Puerto Rican Day Parade NYC Upcoming show on PRSUN TV "Boricua Pride," featuring footage of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade (in Manhattan) and the Bronx Puerto Rican Parade. An artist friend describes the footage featured on PRSUN TV as a "cultural manifestation" of boricua pride. The footage puts a special focus on the average people celebrating being Puerto Rican at the parades. It is a collection of snapshots. PRSUN TV -- Starting at 3:30 p.m. Monday, Channel 69, Bronxnet


IMG_5534 Originally uploaded by clarisel . National Puerto Rican Day Parade, NYC


IMG_5131 Originally uploaded by clarisel . The Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade

Viejo San Juan

Viejo San Juan Originally uploaded by ejrfoto .

Fajardo, old building

Fajardo, old building Originally uploaded by docman .
Featured story: Sun-Sentinel, Fri, 14 Jul 2006 8:23 AM PDT Survey finds Hispanics split on immigration,0,7521985.story?coll=sfla-news-florida Cubans and Puerto Ricans are more likely than other Hispanics to think that illegal immigration hurts the economy and are more skeptical that the recent rallies will help the immigrant cause, a national survey released Thursday shows.

El Yunque rainforest, P.R. : jungle jumble

El Yunque rainforest, P.R. : jungle jumble Originally uploaded by docman .
Reggaeton Featured story: Hector "El Father": Here We Go... Yo
Featured story, Wed, 12 Jul 2006 7:06 AM PDT Puerto Rican man charged with Phila. murder fights extradition PONCE, Puerto Rico - Juan Martinez Cruz is accused of killing a fellow Puerto Rican outside a Philadelphia bar in 2000, a crime for which Pennsylvania state authorities could seek a death sentence. He has sat in a prison in this U.S. Caribbean territory for four years while lawyers fight his extradition.

Save the Internet : Find out where your Senators stand

Save the Internet : Find out where your Senators stand NY "Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) Undeclared on Net Neutrality Call Sen. Schumer now at 202-224-6542 Say: 'I urge Senator Schumer to protect Net Neutrality, which prevents the largest phone and cable companies from turning the Internet into their private tollway. I urge the Senator to vote NO on Senator Stevens' telecommunications bill (S. 2686) unless real Net Neutrality language is added that prohibits network operators from discriminating against content and creating a tiered Internet.' "

Alone waiting

Alone waiting Originally uploaded by Reavel . El Combate, Cabo Rojo marzo 2006

Towards Home

Towards Home Originally uploaded by quinonesanibal .

July 2006

July 2006 Originally uploaded by happy_b_day_flickreenies! . Today's my birthday. Thanks to my flickr friends for their warm wishes. Clarisel
Featured story New York Daily News - World & National Report - P.R. isle haven for Cuban refugees

A conversation between Jelalladin Rumi and Pablo Neruda

A conversation between Jelalladin Rumi and Pablo Neruda Originally uploaded by DeLares . Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico


iguana Originally uploaded by docman .


Santitos Originally uploaded by DeLares . Saints in a (E Harlem) Barrio Botanica
What's Happening? Bobby Gonzalez is the featured poet/performer at Carlito's Cafe on Thursday, July 13. The evening's program begins at 6 p.m. He will also conduct a book signing of his new volume of poetry, The Last Puerto Rican Indian. Carlito's Cafe y Galeria Bar, Gallery, Performance Space 1701 Lexington Avenue between 106-107th Street # 6 train to 103rd St. 212.534.7168
Featured commentary News-Sentinel | 06/29/2006 | 'Long before I was a sportswriter, I was a Latina'
New e-mail You can now reach me at Plan to start publishing on soon. Thanks.
Featured column Telecom bill would leave U.S. lagging behind rest of world | Save Access
Activism Save the Internet Check out this blog entry by Sen. John Kerry.