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Broken Promises

American Values Network Releases White Paper: Vieques Today, A Sea of Broken Promises   Washington, DC ( CapitalWirePR ) - A new white paper by American Values Network examines the current situation in the island municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Vieques is a small U.S. territorial island located eight miles from the main island of Puerto Rico. The people of Vieques are American citizens who have made tremendous sacrifices for our country’s national security. For over 200 days per year from 1941-2003, the Navy used significant portions of the Island of Vieques for training exercises and munitions testing. During this period, the Navy tested nearly every kind of munitions employed by the military, dropping over 80 million pounds of ordnance on Vieques from 1984-1998 alone. The Navy has refused to disclose the complete list and amounts of all materials sprayed, dropped, tested, or disposed of on the island and surrounding ocean during the 62-years of weapons testing.   The people o

'The War Boys' premieres tonight at the NYILFF

Tonight "The War Boys," a film by Ron Daniels, makes its world debut at the New York International Latino Film Festival. I give it a thumbs up.  It is not the stereotypical story of Mexicans crossing the border. It looks at the issue from a different perspective. It explores how easy it is for us to laugh at what we don't know, for us to make to do things even though they are not right just to feel big. "The War Boys is not about the plight of the illegal immigrant, desperate to cross the border into El Norte, fleeing poverty for a better life," writes Ron Daniels, the director who was born and grew up in a small town across the Guanabara Bay from Rio de Janiero. "That story cannot be told enough," he states. "And only circumstantially is it about the cross border smuggling trade. The originality of The War Boys, perhaps, is that it tells the immigration story from the point of view of three American young men (including one who is Latino) who cou

Revisiting "Down These Mean Streets'

Pensamientos Reading "Down These Mean Streets " after twenty years, when i was young i was not prepared to read "Down These Mean Streets," now I respect Piri. -- Coconut Brujita Coconut Brujita contributes her pensamientos to Puerto Rico Sun. Editor's note: "Down These Mean Streets" by Piri Thomas is available at the PRSUN aStore. Click here:

Director Victor Cruz speaks on his short film 'La Operacion'

Examiner speaks to Victor Cruz on his "La Operacion (The Operation)," a short 15 minute film he directed on the sterilization of Puerto Rican women during the 1940s. The synopsis of Victor's film is based on a bill passed in 1937, which allowed the sterilization of women on the island and the decision one woman makes on whether to go ahead with the procedure. "La Operacion" is now part of the lineup of short program playing at the New York International Latino Film Festival in Manhattan.  For more, go to my Examiner site at

Re: The Death of former NY State Senator Olga Mendez

“Olga Mendez was a great role model not only for the residents of her Bronx and Manhattan district, but across the United States. As the first  Puerto Rican  woman elected to the New York State legislature, she opened doors for all who came after her, myself included. She was a tireless advocate for the concerns of her constituents, and she will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers, as well as those of all Bronxites, are with her family as they mourn her loss.” -- Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

The NY International Latino Film Festival celebrates anniversary with movies

The New York International Latino Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with a rich lineup of feature length flicks, documentaries and short movies highlighting Latino culture of course. The festival, which runs until Sunday, is also a time to star watch. For more, go to I'm the NY Latino Community Examiner. Have story ideas for my Examiner column, feel free to e-mail me at clariselgonzalez (at)

Artist restores Spirit of East Harlem

Manny Vega Begins Restoration of the Spirit of East Harlem Mural Artist Manny Vega began restoration on July 17th of Hope Community's defaced Spirit of East Harlem mural. The artist will complete the work by the end of July. Vega, along with community artists from different genres, will participate in an educational forum on the history and cultural significance of community (outdoor) artwork that Hope Community will host on August 13th. (photo and text courtesy of Marina Ortiz) To view more photos, go to

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To Be or Not To Be Supreme Court Judge: Sonia Sotomayor

Commentary By Manuel Hernandez Carmona There has been a lot of debate over the qualifications and character of the nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor. To be or not to be Supreme Court judge that is the national question. The up and coming confirmation of the Puerto Rican judge from the Bronx has refueled the issue of who is and who is not qualified to be United States Supreme Court Judge. Her critics have questioned her integrity and vision, yet they admire her tenacity at the Senate Hearings. Although in terms of curriculum vitae, she is overqualified---her critics continue to question decisions she made as Federal District judge and as judge at the US Circuit Court of Appeals. Many have questioned the influence that her ethnicity and humble backgrounds may have in future judicial decisions. The United States has made its forefathers proud with the election of President Barack Obama, but his choice for Supreme Court Judge really has taken liberty and justice for all to the next level

Silent history

Pensamientos Photography is a story teller though silent i should not feel ashame i have no photo history  -- Coconut Brujita Coconut Brujita contributes her writings to Puerto Rico Sun.

National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights national convention in Philadelphia

Community calendar NATIONAL CONGRESS  for  PUERTO RICAN RIGHTS   8TH NATIONAL CONVENTION OCTOBER 9-11, 2009 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY  PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA   AT THE CONVENTION WE WILL DISCUSS WAYS TO REDOUBLE OUR EFFORTS:   * TO ADVOCATE FOR RESPECT AND EQUALITY FOR  PUERTO RICANS  IN THE U.S. AND ON THE ISLAND   * ENSURE ECONOMIC, POLITICAL AND EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR PUERTO RICANS  * PRESS FOR THE RESOLUTION OF THE STATUS OF ISLAND OF PUERTO * AND MANY OTHER ISSUES   SPECIAL INVITED GUESTS   Wanda DeJesus , actress,  Illegal Tender   Congressman  Jose Serran o (D-NY) Ana   Ortiz,  actress,  Ugly Betty Frankie Negron , singer Congresswoman  Nydia Velazquez  (D-NY) Jimmy Smits , actor,  Dexter ,  West Wing Congressman  Luis Gutierrez  (D-ILL)  Angelo Falcón , National Institute for Latino Policy Marta Garcia , National Hispanic Media Coalition Daddy Yankee   and many others!   CONTACT:  or     SEND YOUR DONATION TO   NCPRR 4322 North

Clarisel Gonzalez's TwitWall

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Our Barrio Love Story

Pensamientos east harlem lower east side south bronx los sures each pueblo has its own fable the honorable judge is our love story with el barrio -- Coconut Brujita Coconut Brujita contributes her writings to Puerto Rico Sun.

Sotomayor LEMC PSA Lin-Manuel Miranda

This public service announcement by Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist, Lin-Manuel Miranda, famous for writing and starring in the Broadway musical "In the Heights," is part of a series of PSA's, in both English and Spanish, were developed by a team of independent, New York-based Latina producers in support of Judge Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination. The creators hope to raise awareness among an increasingly diverse U.S. Latino constituency about Judge Sotomayor's experience, credentials and qualifications. They also seek to motivate people from all walks of life to learn more about the nomination process and to contact their local Senator in support of Judge Sotomayor. The spots, which will primarily be seen on the internet, offer striking insights into how Latinos in America see themselves. About LEMC: The Mission of the Latino Educational Media Center is to produce and distribute educational media materials in all technology and promote Latino media

Sotomayor Pledges Impartial Justice if Confirmed

Here's a clip of Sonia Sotomayor's pledge Monday to serve as an impartial justice if she is confirmed for the U.S. Supreme Court. If she is named, she would become the first Hispanic to serve in that post. She pledges "fidelity to the law."  Listen to what she has to say. source: AP at YouTube

Puerto Ricans in the United States

T he  Pew Hispanic Center , a project of the  Pew Research Center , today released a statistical profile of the  Puerto Rican  population in the 50 U.S. states and the  District of Columbia . The profile describes the demographic, employment and income characteristics of Hispanics of  Puerto Rican origin . The characteristics of Puerto Ricans are contrasted with the characteristics of all Hispanics and the U.S. population overall. The profile is based on the Center's tabulations of the  Census Bureau 's 2007 American Community Survey  (ACS).    The statistical profile is available at the Pew Hispanic Center's website, . The  Pew Hispanic Center , a project of the  Pew Research Center , is a nonpartisan,  non-advocacy research organization based in Washington, D.C. and is funded by  The Pew Charitable Trusts .   source: The Pew Hispanic Center  

Featured story: From NY to PR

By Harry Marquez   In 1958, I recall the very first steps Puerto Ricans took to create the first Puerto Rican Parade. It united people across restricted boundaries set by street gangs. Puerto Ricans  always loved their culture, but now we wanted to express our pride to the rest of the world.  Everyone in El Barrio was involved in doing something to make this first parade a success. The Barrio found common ground in its efforts to show cultural pride.  For more, go to

PRSUN Radio to spotlight boricua/Latino bloggers

I have been blogging since 2004. Actually, this month Puerto Rico Sun ( ) celebrates its blogosversary. So, I'm an old school blogger. Since then, I have started up several other blogs and have become very much involved in social networking as a way to fulfill my mission of informing, empowering and building community. Along the way I have met some pretty cool bloggers who cover issues of interest to Puerto Ricans and Latinos. I decided to put a spotlight on some of these bloggers who with their words and images are documenting our communities by dedicating a show to them at PRSUN Radio. Many of these bloggers cover issues and themes that the mainstream takes for granted or ignores. The show is at 9 p.m. tomorrow night at (which is an audio blog -- a podcast). The show is aired live. If you miss, the show will be archived and available online. And, happy blogosversary to PRSUN and to all my readers, visitors, fans, suppor

Happy Fourth of July

This is my Sol, the mascot of Puerto Rico Sun. (photo by Clarisel Gonzalez)

La Reina Rhina Valentin chats with PRSUN Radio

Click to listen to my interview tonight with La Reina Rhina Valentin. She is the host of Bronxnet's "Open" and runs her own production company La Reina Productions, LLC. She works in many different areas in the arts and entertainment industry. She's a producer, director, performance artist, emcee, comedic actress, dancer, writer, and an arts educator. She's also about to give birth to her baby girl. Here's a photo of Rhina Valentin performing one of her characters at a show in the Bronx.  For her full bio, go to my blog at . Check out Rhina Valentin in action at (photo by Clarisel Gonzalez)