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PRSUN Radio: A PRdream with Judith Escalona

Tomorrow night's guest at PRSUN Radio is Judith Escalona, executive director of PRdream and MediaNoche in NYC's El Barrio. PRdream (Puerto Rico and the American Dream) is the award-winning website on the history, culture and politics of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican diaspora. The mission of PRdream is to empower community through technology. As part of that mission, PRdream launched MediaNoche, a new media project and digital gallery. MediaNoche offers residencies and exhibition space for artists working in new media. The Digital Film Studio at MediaNoche is a space for independent filmmakers to converge. Works-in-progress screenings, screenplay readings and a variety of workshops are offered. Escalona is also a filmmaker. To read Escalona's bio, go to my blog at . The show will be at 9 p.m. at . UPDATE To listen to PRSUN Radio's chat with Judith Escalona: RELATED OPPORTUNITY FINAL CUT PR