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My Journey to Love~

Puerto Rico Sun welcomes guest bloggers. Here's a journal entry by Alicia Anabel Santos about her journey, writer life and love. My Journey to Love~ Alicia Anabel Santos Good morning its 8am in Argentina, 6am in New York…. and my body has not adjusted to the time yet. The journey has been incredible so far. Today, I am thinking about what Paulo Coelho calls, “ones personal legend.” When one goes in search of his personal legend the universe conspires in helping him attain it… The idea that we all must go in search of our personal legends… For me... My personal legend is my writer’s life… from the moment I claimed the title “I AM A WRITER,” to where I am today…. Quitting my very secure job at McGraw-Hill and traveling all across Latin America studying and filming the African Diaspora in Spanish speaking nations. I have put my personal writer’s journey to the side to work on this project… dedicating my life to this amazing project… AFROLATINOS: The Untaught Story www.afrola