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Featured story Recession drives educated Puerto Ricans to South Florida CAGUAS -- As a salesman for a health club in a suburb outside Puerto Rico's capital, Frank Oquendo saw up close how his earnings and the gym's membership base tanked along with Puerto Rico's economy. Earlier this year, Oquendo's bosses cut his pay by 25 percent as a third of the Caguas club's members canceled their contracts because they were leaving Puerto Rico. After two years of soaring inflation and desperation, Oquendo finally packed up and joined his former clients, moving his family to Miami in July. He joined thousands of middle-class professionals who have fled Puerto Rico in the past two years, becoming what some people are calling "FloRicans.'' For the full report, go to Editor's Note: I hope these Puerto Ricans who are giving up the island are doing their research before packing and up and moving to Florida in s