Monday, March 31, 2008

In the Mailbox

Kindred souls,

We have received news recently that 79 year old author Piri Thomas suffered a stroke this past Tuesday in California. Via one of our supporters, we have made contact with Suzie, Piri's wife and she confirmed the news and said that he will be moved to a
rehabilitation center in the coming days.

We ask that you all keep Piri in your prayers that he make a complete and speedy recovery. We will update you as more information becomes available.

In February 2008, Piri came down to our showcase in Brooklyn NYC as the featured artist of our Love Our Culture event. We are honored to have hosted him and his wife, and now reach out to our Tri-State family for a show of support.

If you want to send Piri Thomas a get well message please email us at or call our community hotline (208) 723-5966 and we will compile these in a transcript and audio CD that will go directly to Piri, so that collectively we can raise his spirits and lend him our strength to survive this ordeal.

The Capicu family would like to thank you in advance for prayers.

Siempre Palante,
Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase
Community Hotline: (208) 723-5966
On The web:
www. CapicuPoetry. com
Myspace: http://www. myspace. com/capicupoetry
Facebook: http://www. facebook. com/group. php?gid=2321473731

Rocio Flor Rosa & verde

Rocio Flor Rosa & verde
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Friday, March 28, 2008

'Warrior Women'

Community Calendar

In honor of Puerto Rican Nationalist Lolita Lebron and Women's History Month

Carnival @ Repertorio


Repertorio Español in New York City is turning 40! And this theater is celebrating with "the colorful, humorous and sexy theatrical adaptation" of Brazilian novel "Doña Flor y sus dos maridos" by Jorge Amado with Francisco Gattorno, Denise Quiñones and Selenis Leyva.

Here's an interview Quiñones and Leyva that Repertorio Español posted on its site at YouTube:

Doña Flor y sus dos maridos at New York City's Reportorio Español
By Jorge Amado
Directed by Jorge Alí Triana
With Francisco Gattorno as Vadinho, Pedro Serka as Teodoro and Selenis Leyva or Denise Quiñones (Miss Universe 2001) as Flor.

Doña Flor misses her late husband's passionate intimacy. She re-marries and magical realism allows her to live (and sleep) with her two husbands. A colorful adaptation of Brazilian Jorge Amado's masterpiece.

For showtimes and more information, go to

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila: 'Charges are Totally False'


Puerto Rico Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila today said election-related charges against him are "totally false" and "politically motivated."
In a five-minute televised speech, Acevedo Vila called on the Puerto Rican people "not to despair" and vowed he will continue to serve as governor with his cabinet.
"That is my job and I will fulfill it," he said.
Acevedo Vila was charged Thursday with 19 counts in a campaign finance probe, including conspiracy to violate U.S. federal campaign laws and giving false testimony to the FBI.
Calling the charges "lies and fabrications," Acevedo Vila said he will fight the charges brought against him by federal authorities. "That will be shown as the process progresses," he said.
Saying that "they want blood," Acevedo Vila rejected that he has illegally used public or campaign funds.
He did not take questions from reporters who were present at the speech delivered at La Fortaleza.
"I love Puerto Rico," he said, adding that he trusts that justice will prevail.
-- Clarisel Gonzalez

Anibal Acevedo Vila Faces Charges

Puerto Rican Governor Faces 19 Counts

SAN JUAN (AP) — Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila was charged Thursday with 19 counts in a campaign finance probe, including conspiracy to violate U.S. federal campaign laws and giving false testimony to the FBI.
The indictment also charged 12 others associated with Acevedo's Popular Democratic Party as a result of a two-year grand jury investigation, acting U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez said.
The 13 are accused of conspiring to illegally raise money to pay off Acevedo's campaign debts from his 2000 campaign to be the U.S. island territory's nonvoting member of Congress.
Acevedo, now running for re-election as governor, will not be arrested, Rodriguez said.
For more on this AP report, go to

NOTE: According to a statement delivered to the press, Acevedo Vila said these charges are politically motivated and that he will fight them. Judging from his statement, it doesn't seem that the governor plans to resign.

For up-to-date coverage throughout the day, go to The governor is expected to deliver a televised speech to the Puerto Rican people later on today. The governor plans to turn in to federal authorities tomorrow.

Un mal dia / A bad day

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

'The Education of the Puerto Rican Diaspora'


New Centro Journal: "The Education of the Puerto Rican Diaspora: Challenges, Dilemmas and Possibilities"

El Centro, a research center based at Hunter College in New York City that is dedicated to the study and interpretation of the Puerto Rican experience in the United States, last night had a presentation featuring this new journal.

For more info. on this and other journals, go to Worth checking out.

El próximo Puerto Rico.. el año del cambio!


de 1v3m4r en YouTube

Como será Puerto Rico despues de las elecciones..jajaja
Espero que les guste, sin animos de ofender!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spotlight: Bobby Sanabria

Originally uploaded by clarisel.
Photo of Bobby Sanabria @ the BETA (Bronx Excellence in Television Access) awards, Bronxnet's version of the Emmy

Featured article

Bobby Sanabria: Afro-Cuban Storyteller
By Jason Crane

Bobby Sanabria is a living museum of Afro-Cuban music. Sanabria is a percussionist, drummer and educator who is at the forefront of Afro-Cuban music—particularly the frontier where it intersects with jazz. In 2007, Sanabria released Big Band Urban Folktales (Jazzheads, 2007), an album he says takes the music “beyond the 21st century.” Jason Crane, AAJ contributor and host of The Jazz Session, sat down with Sanabria in May 2007 to talk about the history of Afro-Cuban music, Sanabria's own career, and “The Ugliest Man In America.” For more on the article published at All About Jazz, go to

He's watching us...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Musica y Comida

Sabado de Gloria a la FB Lounge
FB Lounge in NYC's El Barrio presents Salsa Dura

Herman Olivera Cantando Clasicos de Nuestras Leyendas de la Musica y el Soneo

For reservations and more information, call (212) 410-7292 ($10.00 -- No cover with dinner)

hay hay hay!!!!!!!!!!

hay hay hay!!!!!!!!!!
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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross
Originally uploaded by clarisel.
Outdoor re-enactment of the Passion of Christ
St. John the Baptist Cathedral
Old San Juan, P.R.
Good Friday 2004

Community Calendar

(Con)Fabuladoras: Cuentos, Conjuros & Fairytales
Featuring authors and artists - Sheila Candelario, Sandra Garcia Rivera, Tanya Torres and
Raquel Z. Rivera.
7 p.m., Friday, March 21,
Cemi Underground, NYC's El Barrio
Admission: $7.00
For more information,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Featured Story: Jack Agueros

A Puerto Rican Poet's Fight with Alzheimer's

More than 100 of his (Jack Aguero's) friends and fans gathered on Tuesday night at East Harlem’s Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center, not just to celebrate his work, but to help him in a time of need.
Four years ago, he learned he had Alzheimer’s. While the disease is still in its early stages, he needs assistance with daily living. That means he needs financial assistance, too, since his application for Medicaid has yet to be approved. As a result, ten poets and writers held a benefit reading to help his children defray the costs of caring for him.
For the complete report, go to

Featured story: a Tribute to Puerto Rican astronaut

Report in Spanish from Puerto Rico

Homenaje a astronauta boricua
Por Jorge Gelpí Pagán

Rodeado por cientos de estudiantes, el astronauta de origen puertorriqueño, Joseph Michael Acabá, fue (recientemente) homenajeado en el Senado.

Para el reporte,

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Community Calendar

Upcoming show at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in NYC

A contemporary drama about a high echelon Puerto Rican family in San Juan and the conflicts which undermine their relationships.

For more information,

Personajes de Pueblo: Río Piedras

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Remembering Rafael Tufino, 1922 - 2008

Rafael Tufino is one of the central figures in the history of 20th Century Puerto Rican art. A versatile artist in many media, Tufino has been a major force in founding and furthering modern Puerto Rican art–both on the Island and in the Caribbean Diaspora.

Tufino’s work spanned a period of more than 65 years, depicting Puerto Rican life in urban New York, and pre-industrial Puerto Rico. While the artist’s work often celebrates popular traditions, including folk artists, religious and secular festivals, Tufino remains committed to fostering the appreciation of the Island’s African cultural contributions, especially as expressed in dance and music. Tufino’s images have become a trademark of Puerto Rico’s rich cultural heritage.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tufino moved permanently to Puerto Rico with his Puerto Rican parents in 1936, initially studying under the Spanish painter Alejandro Sánchez Felipe and with Juan Rosado at his sign-painting workshop in San Juan. In the late 1940s he studied painting, printmaking and mural painting at the Academia de San Carlos in Mexico with José Chavez Morado, Antonio Rodríguez Luna and Castro Pacheco. He joined the staff of the Division of Community Education in Puerto Rico as a poster artist and illustrator in 1950, serving as director of the graphic arts workshop of this division from 1957 until 1963. He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1966 and the National Award for the Arts in 1985. He had two major retrospectives at El Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and El Museo del Barrio in New York, in 2002 and 2003, respectively. PRdream has an extensive interview with the artist in its archives, interview clips may be viewed along with his work in LA GALERIA of the website.

Note: This article was originally published at PRdream is based in NYC's El Barrio.

Cine_Real Reopens

Originally uploaded by clarisel.
David Ponce, one of the actors of Bx3M -- a clip of Bx3M, the story of three Latino teens coming of age in a city going up in flames

Community Calendar

a curatorial series on cinema and new media

Judith Escalona's "Bx3M: a work in process"

Hector Canonge's "Idolatries/Idolatrías"

Reopening: Wednesday, March 19, 6 - 8 p.m.

Exhibition: March 19 – April 30

Artist's talk: Thursday, April 10, 6 p.m.

Closing Reception: Wednesday, April 30

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Friday, 3 - 7 p.m. and by appointment

1355 Park Avenue (NE Corner of 102nd St and Park Ave, NYC's El Barrio)

For information: Call 212.828.0401 or visit

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Beginnings for New York

David Paterson swore in today as New York's new governor in Albany. He is the state's 55th governor.
Paterson is the first legally blind person to take the Oath of Office. He is also New York's first African American governor.
He is no stranger to breaking records. He became New York's first African American lieutenant governor in 2007.
Puerto Rico Sun congratulates the new governor who often mentions his commitment to the Latino community. Let's see.

(Photos courtesy of

Read related story from Candidato USA.
Featured article

What Can Latinos Expect From The New Governor Of New York?

With Eliot Spitzer having resigned in disgrace following revelations of his involvement in a prostitution scandal, David Paterson will be sworn in Monday afternoon as Albany's new leader through 2010. The former lieutenant governor and leader of the Democratic minority in the State Senate is a man widely respected across party and racial lines. According to Latino leaders in the capitol Paterson possesses a strong combination of drive, warmth and intellect.

"He's a great guy. I can't say enough good things about him," said Democratic State Senator José M. Serrano, who represents a district that combines parts of Manhattan and The Bronx. Paterson, who will be the first African-American governor in New York history and the first blind governor in the history of the nation, holds an encyclopedic knowledge of politics and government, a strong ability to relate to people, and a great sense of humor, said Serrano. Paterson frequently jokes about his lack of sight, and during the press conference where he discussed his transition as chief executive last Thursday Paterson was asked if he, like Spitzer, had ever visited a prostitute. "Only the lobbyists," he said, to the laughter of the assembled press corps.

For more, go to

Saturday, March 15, 2008

In the Mailbox

A discussion on the bonding circles of women of yesterday and today. How women inspire, encourage, support and heal one another. Although we are all very unique in our own way we are very much alike. What better way to celebrate women’s history month than with a circle of women who encourage feminine empowerment. Come and join my circle and leave inspired.

Hope to see you there, Peace and Blessings, Mia

Invite to:
Art by Mia
Art Exhibition by Mia Hernandez
5 p.m. today
Admission Free
Cemi Underground, NYC's El Barrio
For more info.,

Friday, March 14, 2008

'Maldeamores' Opens Today


"Maldeamores" is described as a three-part look at the ironies of love, with stories that involve a young boy, a hostage situation, and a divorced elderly couple caught in a love triangle.

Watch the trailer.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

'La Ceci'

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Marañao Inc. presenta al actor puertorriqueño Josean Ortiz en el monólogo teatral "La Ceci ", original del dramaturgo cubano Raúl de Cárdenas, bajo la dirección del boricua Antonio Bones. Después de su estreno mundial, la obra se volverá a presentar este viernes 14 y sábado 15 de marzo a las 8 pm, y el domingo 16 de marzo a las 4 pm, en Teatro SEA, en el Centro Cultural Clemente Soto Vélez, localizado en el 107 Suffolk St. (2do. Piso) en el Lower East Side, Manhattan.

En "La Ceci", Ortiz interpreta a un travesti cubano en la dolorosa soledad del exilio.

Para información llamar a 347 806 1617.

Entrada: $20, $15 para estudiantes con identificación.


Community Calendar

Latino Spoken Word Open Mic

On Saturday, March 15, Bronx based poet, MARIPOSA (with her resident DJ, the very mellow, Mellow G) curates, performs and hosts an evening of spoken word female artists in celebration of Women’s History Month. Mariposa’s fine line up of talented and powerful women include:

Alba Hernandez
Sheila Maldonado
Special Appearance by
Sandra Garcia Rivera who will sweeten the night with her beautiful voice.

**Recognizing the influence and power of Latino poets on New York City’s spoken word culture, El Museo del Barrio provides established and emerging Latino/a spoken word artists with a platform for expression, a welcoming venue and an open mic. After the performances, the audience is encouraged to pick up the mic and speak up!

El Museo del Barrio is located at 1230 Fifth Avenue @ 104th Street, NYC's El Barrio

This event is part of Public Programs Spring 2008
El Museo del Barrio
3rd Saturdays March to May
7 p.m.-9 p.m.
Admission: Free

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008



New contact info. for Puerto Rico Sun:

Clarisel Gonzalez
Puerto Rico Sun Communications
318 E. 149 St. #106
Bronx, NY 10451

You can also reach me by e-mail at or


Featured article

Puerto Rico: Luis Fortuno wins pro-statehood party nomination for governor
The Associated Press

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico's nonvoting congressional delegate decisively won the U.S. territory's pro-statehood party nomination for governor in a Sunday primary, putting him in contention for the island's highest post.

Luis Fortuno won nearly 60 percent of his party's vote according to preliminary results, triumphing over powerful former Gov. Pedro Rossello. Complete results are not expected until Monday.

November's general election will pit Fortuno against current Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila, who supports maintaining Puerto Rico's loose commonwealth affiliation with the U.S.

Old San Juan Sunset

Old San Juan Sunset
Originally uploaded by luis munoz.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Decision 2008

In Puerto Rico, there are primaries today for political seats, including for gubernatorial, resident commissioner and legislative races.

To keep up-to-date, check out Noticentro's coverage at


Originally uploaded by Reavel.
San German Porta Coelli

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Featured Article

Earlier this week Puerto Rico's Democratic Party announced its decision to shift its June 7 caucus to a straight presidential primary in the hopes of getting the candidates to come and campaign on the island. The irony (as pointed out in this CandidatoUSA op ed by Angelo Falcón) is that island residents cannot vote in November's presidential election.

To read "Colonial Delegates?" by Angelo Falcon, president and founder of the National Institute for Latino Policy, go to

source: CandidatoUSA

30th Anniversary of the Struggle for 500
The Final Battle to Save Hostos

Hostos Community College/CUNY in the Bronx commemorates
this anniversary with testimonials and performances by Ponce Laspina, Gerald Meyer, Victor Vázquez, Nydia Edgecombe, and others. Featuring Plena Luna . Son Borincano, and Los Instantáneos del Rincón Criollo.

Admission with free ticket
Repertory Theater

7 p.m. Saturday, March 8

For more info.,

Friday, March 07, 2008

Pigeon yellows

Pigeon yellows
Originally uploaded by Chuckumentary.

Featured article

'Ghosts of the Taíno'

Last summer, they unearthed a huge four-sided ceremonial plaza, a batey or ball court, measuring 130 by 160 feet. Other finds included a 90-foot-long artifact-laden midden mound, the first of what could be as many as 400 prehistoric burials, patterns of post holes that delineate ancient dwellings, and a 60-foot-long row of intricately carved granite and sandstone petroglyphs that appear to date to shortly before the arrival of the Spanish in the fifteenth century.

For more,

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Screening of "The Krutch" by filmmaker Judith Escalona
7 p.m., Friday, March 7, Cemi Underground, NYC's El Barrio

The surreal story about a Puerto Rican psychoanalyst with an identity problem. With Jaime Sanchez as the notorious Dr. Guzman and Cathy Haase as his unsuspecting patient Mrs. Kleist.

Check out this video: THE KRUTCH

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Admission: $5
For more info, or
Community Calendar

Pregones Theater Presents Danny Rivera

Intimate, blues-tinged concert by legendary singer/songwriter featuring the Bronx Nation Orchestra.

Time: 7:30 p.m., Friday, March 7
Location: Pregones Theater, the Bronx
Admission: $35

For more info, or (718)585-1202.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spotlight: Cemí Underground is an orgullo latino

_MG_3758 Nikon Editor UMM.jpg
Originally uploaded by prsuncom
Cemí Underground brings cultura to life in El Barrio

Photo and Text by Ricardo Muñiz

In June 2007, Galería Cemí launched Cemí Underground, a Puerto Rican/Latino cultural outlet in the heart of New York City's El Barrio that sells books, T-shirts, crafts and music; produces a host of cultural events; and showcases a revolving art gallery. 

Graphic artist Luís Cordero and Séry Colón, an actor who once owned Agüeybaná Bookstore on the Lower East Side, founded Cemí Underground, which has become a cultural haven in the Latino arts community at a time when El Barrio is becoming increasingly gentrified. The popular storefront shop is located at 1799 Lexington Avenue at East 112th Street.

Cordero describes a cemí as “a sacred object, which is the artistic representation of a guardian spirit or deity that was skillfully carved in stone, bone, cotton, wood and rock by the Taíno indigenous people of the Caribbean.”

Cordero says he and Colón launched Cemí Underground “with the goal of establishing an entity that would add another voice to the desperately few voices promoting and proclaiming our art and artists to the world.”

Cemí Underground is currently hosting a lineup of cultural and art events for Women's History Month, highlighting Latinas.

At Cemí Underground, you will find published works about poet Julia de Burgos, Puerto Rican nationalist leader Don Pedro Albizú Campos, salsero Héctor Lavoe, and writings describing the Taíno and African heritage of Caribbean people. New and recent titles by writers Steven Torres, Nicholasa Mohr and Pedro Pietri line the shelves. A collectible books section with hard-to-find books about Puerto Rican/Latino history and culture sets this bookstore apart from the rest. 
New York’s hottest Latino poets such as Willie Perdomo and María Aponte have appeared at Cemí Underground. Cemí Underground has also featured musical tributes by Carmen DeLucca, cultural educational talks by lecturers such as Bobby González and comedy shows by emerging Latinos.

A modest art gallery space has exhibited up-and-coming artists like painter Yasmín Hernández, photographer Elena “Mamarazzi” Marrero, ceramic artist and community activist Esperanza Martell, as well as the paintings of well-known poet Sandra María Estéves. Cemí Underground also carries handmade crafts by New York's best Puerto Rican artisans.

Cemí Underground also has a growing music section that features CDs by New York's own boricua roots music sensation Tato Torres y Yerbabuena; Puerto Rican protest music icon Roy Brown; and hip hop artists The Welfare Poets.

In addition, Cemí Underground is one of the only cultural stores in the city where you will find graphic T-shirts with indigenous Taíno symbols and silk-screened designs featuring Don Pedro Albizú Campos and Ché Guevara.

For more information, visit and

Ricardo Muñiz is a Puerto Rican social worker, teacher, community activist, puppeteer and photographer who contributes his writings and photography to Puerto Rico Sun.
Check out more of Ricardo's photos featuring models posing in Cordero's designs at

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Community Calendar



Sunday, March 2, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.
Co-sponsored by the Department of Film and Media Studies, Hunter College CUNY

Conference location:
Hunter College West Building, 68th Street and Lexington Ave., Manhattan
(Southwest Corner, enter from street or directly from 6 train)

The NYC Grassroots Media Coalition (NYCGMC) will host the Fifth Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference at Hunter College CUNY. The conference theme – Speaking Truth to Power: MEDIA JUSTICE IN OUR COMMUNITIES – invites media makers and community organizers to define what the term “Media Justice” means, as a community and explore how we can begin to make this ideal a reality for New York City.

Since 2004, the NYCGMC - a collective of media activists and organizations - has convened these conferences to bring New York City’s diverse communities together. The conference seeks to provide a space to learn about media policy, share skills, network and bridge the gap between local grassroots media making and social justice organizing. The Fifth Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference will take these efforts one-step further by using the event to strategize on how as a community we can begin to create media systems that come from, and are responsive to the people. The conference will urge participants to put steps in place towards realizing a media system that addresses systemic marginalization and discrimination and that speaks truth to power. The conference offers an ideal opportunity for organizations and individuals to connect and form the basis for future partnerships.

Over 250 local organizations and 4,000 people have already participated in NYC Grassroots Media Coalition events. The Fifth Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference will house 8 hours of film screenings focused on media justice movements, political awareness and accountability.  The conference will also host a youth track of panels for its 300 participants under 18, including free lunch. Workshops will address a variety of issues including do-it-yourself media making, policy and social justice issues.

The event at Hunter College will offer childcare services, special group rates and informational materials upon request. Ticketing information, advertising and exhibition opportunities and details on how to submit a workshop are all accessible at