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Support FIVE SESSIONS The Play

Support Five Sessions the play. I am glad to be part of this play by Jaime Estades. Play opens this Friday, March 10, at the Julia de Burgos Theater in NYC's El Barrio and runs until March 26. Support independent theater. FIVE SESSIONS: A War in Therapy tackles issues of race, political correctness, class and passion "Five Sessions"  follows a 24-year-old recent Ivy League graduate and therapist, and her first client, a blue-collar political activist. Dealing with tensions of race, political correctness, socioeconomic differences, and passion, the two characters explore each other's personal challenges. Her supervisor's demands and Wall Street boyfriend contribute to their struggles. WHO: " Five Sessions" by playwright Jaime Estades,  a lawyer, social worker, social policy professor at Rutgers University, and cofounder and president of the Latino Leadership Institute, Inc.  Edward Torres,  theater professor at Wesleyan University in Connecticut
Theater Featured story Jets? Yes! Sharks? ¡Sí! in Bilingual ‘West Side’ More than 50 years after the musical “West Side Story” had its original Broadway premiere, it is set to return in February in a darker, grittier, bilingual revival, the show’s producers said (recently). Arthur Laurents, who wrote the original book for "West Side Story," suggested the bilingual production and will direct. In an element that its director, Arthur Laurents, said would heighten the passion and authenticity of the show, much of the dialogue — both spoken and sung — will be in Spanish. For the complete New York Times report, Editor's Note: Gente, what do you think? Should "West Side Story" return as a bilingual production? What do you think of the idea of this m

Artist Spotlight: Fascious

Fascious Brings Hip Hop Theater to El Barrio Anthony Martinez from the Bronx is a self-described “Hip-Hop Head” who is better known by his pseudonym Fascious. His mission is to promote Hip Hop Theater, telling and dramatizing what he calls the untold stories of the Hip Hop Generation. Tonight you can catch Fascious in action when he performs his one-man Hip Hop Theater show “Penumbra” at Cemi Underground in NYC’s El Barrio. Just like a poet, Fascious breaks down what every letter in his name represents. “Each letter symbolizes several words beginning with that same letter, which collectively defines the essence of its meaning,” he says. F is for the final fatal fights for freedom facing fickle fears frozen from finicky feelings forcefully fenced. A is for the anticipation of Armageddon, awaiting are agents, apostles and after-life arrangements. Allocating Anthony Alphabetic acrobatics ascending authenticity…admire an angel’s anatomy S is for the Schizophrenic suicidal side separ

Pregones' Summer Tour

MIGRANTS! Cantata a los Emigrantes is a bilingual play with music celebrating the Puerto Rican men & women who first toiled to establish a thriving and diverse Latino community in New York and throughout the eastern United States. MIGRANTS! Cantata a los Emigrantes is a collective creation of Pregones Theater (in the Bronx) and it draws from written and oral histories, lore and legend, and the memory of landmark writers like Luisa Capetillo (Mi opinión), Julia de Burgos (Canción de la verdad sencilla, El mar y tú), René Marqués (La carreta, Los soles truncos) and Clemente Soto Vélez (Caballo de palo, La tierra prometida). Premiered in 1986 and heralded by critics & audiences alike, MIGRANTS! is now re-staged to commemorate 10 years of Pregones' free-admission Summer Stage Tour. Presented in Spanish & English. Click on image for larger text and full lineup of performance dates and venues. The tour runs from July 31-Aug. 12. For more information, go to www.pregone