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BronxNet premieres a groundbreaking documentary: "Migration: The Puerto Rican Experience" for Puerto Rican Heritage Month .

The documentary will also be telecast throughout New York City for the first time, on Friday, November 30 as follows:

BronxNet , Channel 67 ( 6:00 p.m.)
Brooklyn Cable Access TV, Channel 69 ( 6:00 p.m.)
Staten Island Community TV, Channel 57 ( 6:00 p.m.)
Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Channel 34 ( 6:00 p.m.)
Queens Public TV, Channel 34 ( 7:00 p.m.)

The BronxNet produced documentary "Migration: The Puerto Rican Experience " is the first feature of a four-part series to take a closer look into the origins and success stories of the Puerto Rican community in the Bronx. From the first arrival of the Pioneros through present-day elected public office holders, Puerto Ricans have played a prominent role in the development of the Bronx community. The documentary takes you back through breathtaking photographs and footage from the past century along with the words of those who made the journey, many whom are still our neighbors in the Bronx.
Mike Amadeo-Owner of Casa Amadeo, Hon. Adolfo Carrión-Bronx Borough President, David Gonzalez-Writer for the New York Times, Lorraine Montenegro-Executive Director of United Bronx Parents, Inc., Hon. José Rivera-NYS Assemblyman, Rossana Rosado-Publisher & CEO of El Diario La Prensa, Bobby Sanabria-Grammy Nominated percussionist, Hon. José Serrano-US Congressman, Alma Torres-Warner, Austin Torres-Daughter and Son of Hon. Judge Felipe Torres, open their hearts and tell us about the difficulties faced and often rewarding times of growing up in the Bronx.
The documentary features New York City 's renowned historians and experts: Dr. Clara Rodriguez, Professor of Sociology at Fordham University , Lloyd Ultan, Borough Historian of the Bronx and Brian Andersson, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Records.
Support for "Migration: the Puerto Rican Experience" is made possible by New York State Assembly, Special Legislative Projects, thanks to Assemblyman Jose Rivera.
BronxNet is the independent not-for-profit community television station offering media production training, programming, and services to the public. "Migration-The Puerto Rican Experience" is shot and edited by the Emmy Award Winning Producer Walter Garaicoa. Emmy recognized, CableAce Award Winning BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe is Executive Producer of the program and the documentary series.

A 7 minute preview of the 57 minute long episode can be found at - _program/PR_migration/PR _documentary.htm

If you have questions about the documentary, please E-mail Michael Max Knobbe at:

Plaza del Quinto Centenario

Plaza del Quinto Centenario
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In the Mailbox


Just would like to inform everyone that our founder Jose Medina will be on WBAI 99.5FM radio in New York City.
He will be interviewed on the biweekly show Despierta Boricua hosted by Benjamin Ramos of The ProLibertad Campaign.
Jose speaks about how Boricuation came about and the recent popularity of the website and upcoming events.
He also touches on Boricuation artists G Positive, Adele Ramos, Poeta Guerrera and Taina.
It airs this Friday November 30th anytime between 6:30 - 7 a.m.
You can listen to it on the radio or online by going to

Thank you for your continued support of Boricuation!

Educate your Thinking!

A Media Justice Film & Video Screening

Thursday, Nov. 29
@ Manhattan Neighborhood Network - Open Studio, 1st Floor
537 West 59th Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues)
(light refreshments included)

Join Media Action Grassroots Network (MAGNet) and Global Action Project (G.A.P.) for a night of social justice and media justice films, and poetry featuring local political poet Roopa Singh aka Naxal.

Here's the Line-up for of media justice and social change films:

"Silenced by the Media" (11 minutes)
by Papertiger Television
In support of Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media (AWAAM) youth media program, Paper Tiger contributed a video mentor to assist the youth at AWAAM in producing this 11-minute piece debunking the myths of the corporate media around the Khalil Gibran International Academy controversy. The video includes interview with young Muslim women who talk about the impact of negative media stereotypes of the Muslim community and the Academy.

"Talking the Walk" (13m, 40 sec)
In 2000, 2 Latino teenagers were convicted of the murder of their friend, though the prosecutor and judge knew that a white teenaged boy had committed the crime. This film takes a critical look at the impact of news media and successful grassroots media advocacy on the outcome of the case.

“What’s Up with Public Housing” (7 minutes)
by Center for Urban Pedagogy & Public Housing Residents of the Lower East Side (PHROLES)
The video features PHROLES and their efforts to organize low-income public housing resident.

"Good Lookin’ Out" (11 minutes)
by C. Sala Hewitt at Chica Luna Productions
A tale of police brutality in the LGBTQ community

"Asian Youth Unite Against Hate Violence" (5:31 mins.)
by Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund
Young people respond to anti-Asian violence at Brooklyn’s Lafayette High School

"Unheard Voices" (6 mins.)
by Global Action Project
"Unheard Voices" exposes the act of police brutality and the many lives stolen at the hands of law enforcement and border patrol agents. This film opens with the police killing of Sean Bell in Jamaica, Queens on November 26, 2006 followed by the gun down of 19 years old Timur Person, in the Bronx two weeks after the Bell shooting. (5.32 mins, BBC, 2007)

"Aliens v. Predators" (3 mins)
by Global Action Project
Each year 60,000 undocumented immigrants graduate from high schools across the United States. With recruiters falling short of their targets and casualties mounting in Iraq and Afghanistan, these young people are increasingly being targeted by military recruiters. Aliens Vs Predators is an uncompromising call for justice from a diverse group of young immigrants in New York City.

"Pipeline" (11 mins.)
by Global Action Project
The summer of 2004 saw the lowest youth employment rate in NYC in over two decades. While youth struggle to get a decent education and jobs for teens are at an all-time low, funding for jails and detention centers continue to increase. G.A.P. youth spent the summer exploring this connection and produced a creative reflection on this enduring problem.

"Grassroots Media Activism" (8min, 30sec)
a film by Joan Grossman
As media consolidation grows, so does the strength of grassroots media activism. This film explores the challenges and opportunities faced by local communities across the country demanding media policy in their interests and fighting for their right to speak for themselves.


RSVP by emailing For more info, contact (212) 757-2670 x346 or email

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Arte -- dos-ceres-02

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LA 15, un nuevo espacio para las artes contemporáneas inaugura este miércoles 28 de noviembre con una muestra colectiva.

Aaron Salabarrias Valle

Fernando Colón González

Carlos E. Rivera Villafañe

José Jorge Román


6 PM en adelante

calle Ernesto Cerra # 703, Santurce Puerto Rico
In the Mailbox

Dear Friends,

I will be presenting a paper entitled " Reconfigured
Perspective: History of a Memory " at the Contemporary
Museum of Art of Puerto Rico in San Juan on Friday,
December 7, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. If you can make it, I
would love to have you there. I look forward to a
dynamic and thought provoking discourse of ideas.

Estimados Amigos,

Estaré presentando una ponencia titulada "Perspectiva
Reconfigurada: Historia de una Memoria" en el Museo de
Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico en San Juan el
Viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2007 a las 7:00 p.m. Si
pueden asistir, me encantaría verlos esa noche. Espero
que tengamos una dinámico y provocante discurso de

Diógenes Balllester

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Campaign in Chicago against gentrification in Humboldt Park and to Save the Puerto Rican flags

Note: Next year, I am hoping to visit Chicago and one of my stops will definitely be Paseo Boricua.
Community Calendar

la suprema definición: O Yanquis ó Puertorriqueños? -Don Pedro Albizu Campos

Today Rebelarte visual arts charla
with artist Yasmin Hernandez at Cemi Underground, El Barrio

If you are in NYC for the long weekend, please join me at the second presentation of my Rebelarte series which take place the last Saturday of each month at Cemi Underground in East Harlem. These are not exhibits, but slide presentations and discussions on different topics inspired by themes of resistance, struggle and liberation.

November is usually known as "Puerto Rican Heritage Month". Though I believe everyday should be about Puerto Rican heritage and all our ancestry, this presentation will look at the things that make us uniquely who we are and why, in spite of our nebulous political state, we are clearly our own nation. We will also highlight those who over the centuries have battled to defend Puerto Ricanness and why we have not and won't accept a "yanqui" identity.

For more information, go to Yasmin's site at or visit

Friday, November 23, 2007


Presented by Columbia University and Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with the Film Society of Lincoln Center

Curated by Marcela Goglio and Claudio Iván Remeseira

Also visit our website,


Tuesday, Nov. 27, Instituto Cervantes, 211 East 49th Street.
6-8 p.m.: EL CANTANTE, Dir. Leon Ichaso, 2007, 116m. Q&A with filmmaker
Leon Ichaso will follow.

The rest of the screenings will take place at Davis Auditorium,
Columbia University, 530/533 West 120th Street (between Broadway and
Amsterdam Avenue).

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 8-10 p.m.: THE KRUTCH, Dir. Judith Escalona,
2004, 29m. Preceded by TWO DOLLAR DANCE, Dir. Yolanda Pividal,
2006,17m. and LA BRUJA: A WITCH FROM THE BRONX, Dir. Felix Rodriguez,
2005, 50m.
Q&A with the filmmakers Judith Escalona, Yolanda Pividal and Felix
Rodriguez will follow.***

Thursday, Nov. 29, 8-10 p.m.: SOY ANDINA, Dir. Mitch Teplitsky, 2007,
67m. Q&A with filmmaker Mitch Teplitsky will follow.

Friday, Nov. 30, 8-10 p.m. FROM MAMBO TO HIP HOP: A SOUTH BRONX
TALE, Dir. Henry Chalfont, 2006, 55m. Q&A with filmmakers Henry
Chalfont and Elena Martinez will follow.

Saturday, Dec. 1, 8-10 p.m.: WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Dir. Alfredo De
Villa, 2002, 89m. Q&A with filmmaker Alfredo De Villa will follow.

To make a reservation, reply to ( For further information, call (212) 854-6698.
To learn more about the Hispanic New York Project, visit the blog at

Isla Verde

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Day

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Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Puerto Rico Sun project.

God bless.

Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias

Gracias por su apoyo del proyecto Puerto Rico Sun.

Dios los bendiga.

With love,

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Community Calendar

Click on flyer for more info. and visit TatoBrujo's page on flickr.

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On public radio

public radio covers
hispanics better
than even spanish
public radio is very
culturally sensitive
-- samaris

Samaris Ayala lives in the Lower East Side and contributes her pensamientos to Puerto Rico Sun. She may be reached at

Monday, November 19, 2007

Community Calendar
Part of Borimix

Discussion: The Puerto Rican Woman in Theater
6 p.m. Nov. 20
Teatro Pregones
575 Walton Avenue, the Bronx
@ 6 PM - Train 2, 4, 5 to 149 Street/Grand Concourse

Four acclaimed theater artists (Tere Martinez, Carmen Rivera, Rosalba Rolon and Eva C. Vasquez) gather for a discussion on the self-representation and portrayal of Puerto Rican women on stage, as characters, as playwrights, and beyond.

Cuatro reconocidos talentos del teatro se reúnen para hablar sobre la imagen y representación de la mujer puertorriqueña en sus roles de actriz, personaje, escritora y más.

For more info., or

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Comite Noviembre Artisan Photos

Originally uploaded by clarisel.
Images taken at the 2nd Annual Puerto Rican Artisans Exhibition and Fair posted at my photo site at Or, just click on photo.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


CSV Gets $250,000 for Building Improvements

The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center in Manhatttan's Lower East Side was rewarded with a $250,000 grant to make improvements to its building.
The grant will also allow CSV to do more community outreach through surveys, town hall meetings and interviews to identify and define what needs Lower East Side residents would like to see integrated into the programs and renovation plan of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center; hire a staff member to focus on the center's newsletter and web presence and retain the services of an architect.
Council Member Alan J. Gerson made the announcement recently to a packed audience attending the opening of two exhibitions at the center: Portrait of Loisaida and PSA: Public Service Announcements. The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation rewarded the grant.
Founded in 1993, the CSV Cultural Center is the largest arts incubator in New York City and houses 53 visual artists in working studios, 16 performing arts groups, four theaters and two galleries in its city-owned building.
"This grant will allow us to organize a series of conversations to take place over the next year, between CSV and the occupants of the center and CSV and the broader Lower East Side community, that will shape a Master Facility Planning document and serve as the blue-print on how best to renovate the building in the coming years," said Luis R. Cancel, CSV's executive director, in a statement.
The city-owned building was originally designed as a public school in 1897 and served generations of the local immigrant communities before being converted into a cultural center.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Latino Health

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The State of Latino Health and Mental Health
go to for more info.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

No where else
By Samaris Ayala

fiction is the photograph
of our soul
it tells a truth
found no where else

Samaris Ayala is based in the Lower East Side and she contributes her poetry to Puerto Rico Sun. She may be reached at

Cotto Magic at MSG
By Ismael Nunez

There seems to be magic when Boxer Miguel Cotto comes to New York City. He’s never lost a fight at the “Mecca of Boxing” Madison Square Garden and he faced his biggest challenge Nov. 10 when he met Sugar Shane Mosley.
The fight started slow for Cotto. Then in the mid-rounds he stood toe to toe with Mosley throughout the fight. Cotto won a unanimous 12-round decision.
For Cotto, it was a real test too.
Mosley did hurt him in the earlier and middle rounds, but eventually did not have enough firepower to KO Cotto. Cotto never lay low. When Mosley moved in for a KO, Cotto kept his guard up and fought back like a fighting rooster.
After the fight, boxing announcer Max Kellerman asked, “Are you ready to fight bigger name opponents?"
Cotto replied, “I'm ready to fight."
The real challenge for Cotto: moving up in the weight class and winning. Let’s see what happens.
Other Puerto Rican athletes making headlines:
Ivan Rodriguez, catcher for the Detroit Tigers, grabbed his 12th gold glove for fielding. A record.
Meanwhile in the National League, there's good news for the NY Mets. Centerfielder Carlos Beltran won the gold glove for fielding.

Ismael Nunez is a freelance writer based in East Harlem who contributes his writings to Puerto Rico Sun.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tito Kayak

Tito Kayak
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Community Calendar

Second Annual Comite Noviembre
Puerto Rican Artisans Exhibition and Fair
Saturday, Nov. 17
Hunter College of The City University of New York
West Building
695 Lexington Ave., Manhattan
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
For more info,

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From the Mailbox

Earlier this year, I went to Nashville, Tennessee for a journalism seminar. I took my camera to photoblog, of course. I shot a series of photos of Nashville, and I'm happy to report that one of my photos has been selected to be part of a guide. -- Clarisel

Here's an excerpt of a letter I received from Emma Williams, managing editor, Schmap Guides:

I am delighted to let you know that your submitted photo has been selected for inclusion in the newly released fourth edition of our Schmap Nashville Guide:

Music Row

Thanks so much for letting us include your photo - please enjoy the guide!

Best regards,

Emma Williams,
Managing Editor, Schmap Guides

Thursday, November 08, 2007

at the beach -paper sculpture

at the beach -paper sculpture
Originally uploaded by paper art.
More pictures of paper art's paper sculpture show.

Go to the Oct. 27 entry in this blog for more info. on his current exhibit in NYC or visit his site at flickr.

Featured article

"Rotund" and "review" seem to go together. This episode brings you new paintings by Diógenes Ballester, plus a couple of leisurely days in Ballester's hometown of Ponce.

CINE_REAL: Two exhibitions about film.

* Judith Escalona's "Bx3M: A work in process"
* Hector Canonge's "IDOLatries/IDOLatrías"

Opening Reception: TONIGHT, Thursday, November 8, 6PM - 8PM
Exhibition: November 8 - December 20
Gallery hours: Wed - Sat, 3pm - 7pm

1355 Park Avenue, entrance on East 102nd Street, Storefront
(the Northeast corner of East 102nd Street and Park Avenue, El Barrio)

For more info, go to the Nov. 3 entry in this blog.
In the Mailbox

PR Freedom Album

The Welfare Poets, The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign, Boricuation, Raza NYC and other concerned organizations and individuals have come together to collaborate on a fund raising project to directly aid the current Puerto Rican Political Prisoners, incarcerated for fighting for the independence and self-determination of Puerto Rico. Additionally, we also want to assist past political prisoners who have been freed and are now attempting to survive in a system where many channels are closed to them, and even possibly future political prisoners.
The Freedom Album with be a musical cd/compilation dedicated to the welfare of our political prisoners. We have united under the name The Puerto Rican Freedom Project.
The Puerto Rican Freedom Project has begun to contact Puerto Rican artists of all genres across the US, on the island and elsewhere to let them know about the project and to initiate the process of song submission. Our desire to get a wide range of Puerto Rican artists from the local grass-rooted bands to those who are mainstreamed and have the eye of the world press. Submissions will be taken until December 31st of 2007 and should be sent initially in MP3 format to

The fight for Puerto Rico's Independence goes as far back as indigenous resistance to Spanish occupation. For well over 500 years, countless and nameless individuals have fought for our islands sovereignty. Some have paid the ultimate price with their lives. Others have been held captive, arrested against their will, by a court which held no jurisdiction over their cases and tramples on their international right to fight for the liberation of their homeland, our homeland, Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican people have been able to free many of our political prisoners.
Our goal is to have the compilation completed by the end of the summer 2008. We have been contacting other Puerto Rican organizations and cultural institutions to assist in sponsoring the proposed project.
For more information - or or -

Jose Medina
Director – Promotion/Publicity Committee
Puerto Rican Freedom Project
Cell: 917 843 6419

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

PRSUN TV in the BETA's

PRSUN TV has been nominated for a BETA (Bronx Excellence in Television Access) award at Bronxnet, which is this community station's version of the Emmys.

The awards show will be tonight at Lehman College, the Bronx. Bronxnet usually airs the show on Channel 67, its signature channel.

Wish me luck.

PRSUN TV was nominated last year for a BETA in the talk show category.

PRSUN TV is a cultural arts show that airs on Bronxnet's Channel 69, the culture channel for independent producers.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Community Calendar

Portrait of Loisaida

The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center invites you to join us for the opening reception of two exhibitions:
Opening reception
6:00 - 9:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 8
Portrait of Loisaida
CSV Cultural Center invited two accomplished photographers, Clayton Patterson and Marisol Díaz, to capture a community in transition. The Lower East Side of Manhattan, long referred to by its Hispanic residents as "Loisaida", is presently experiencing the shearing forces of gentrification -- multi-million dollar condominium projects sprouting in the midst of neighborhoods that have housed the city's immigrant poor for generations.

This exhibition is an opportunity to discuss the tensions that these economic and social changes introduce in the community, and the photos of Patterson and Díaz, two photographers with impressive histories of documenting this community, share their images of the people, institutions, and architecture of a neighborhood in transition.

PSA: Public Service Announcement
This group exhibition is part of Borimix, the Puerto Rico Fest 2007 celebration of Puerto Rican art and culture. Curated by Miguel Trelles and Rebeca Noriega, it is an exhibition of contemporary public service announcements referring to classic Puerto Rican prints, co-presented by SEA and CSV Cultural Center. There will be a special recognition ceremony at the reception honoring Council Members Alan J. Gerson and Rosie Mendez

For more information, visit

Justice for Jayson

Justice for Jayson
Originally uploaded by prsuncom

Senseless Killing of an Unarmed Man in El Barrio
Text and Photo by Ismael Nunez

Friends and family of an unarmed man killed in late October in a road rage incident involving an off-duty police officer are demanding justice. Even the Reverend Al Sharpton has come out in support of Jayson Tirado's family.
Tirado's relatives and friends have questioned why Officer Sean Sawyer was not immediately arrested when he turned himself in after the shooting on Oct. 22. Sawyer has been suspended without pay and is out free, while a grand jury investigates possible charges.
Tirado apparently refused to let the officer's SUV merge with traffic onto an exit ramp in East Harlem. He also apparently gestured at the off-duty officer as if he had a gun.
But Tirado of the Lower East Side didn't have a gun.
And, he was killed anyway. He was only 25.
Elected officials and Tirado's friends and family have voiced their anger of the NYPD's handling of this case. Who wouldn't be angry? There is a little girl without a dad.
According to Sawyer, a born again Christian, he fired because he thought his life was in danger. He then fled the scene because he panicked. Many in the victim's family and Rev. Sharpton, wonder why officer Sawyer was not arrested for leaving the scene of the shooting for 19 hours. Sawyer has said he did not believe that the shots he fired hit anyone.
Charlie King, attorney who was representing the National Action Network, said: “It’s always the same thing we hear from the NYPD when they shoot at unarmed civilians. It’s always a claim of self-defense...How can you make a claim of self-defense when there is no weapon around?"
How can you?

Ismael Nunez is a freelance writer based in El Barrio who contributes his writings to Puerto Rico Sun.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Community Calendar

CINE_REAL: Two exhibitions about film.

* Judith Escalona's "Bx3M: A work in process"
* Hector Canonge's "IDOLatries/IDOLatrías"

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 8, 6PM - 8PM
Exhibition: November 8 - December 20
Gallery hours: Wed - Sat, 3pm - 7pm

1355 Park Avenue, entrance on East 102nd Street, Storefront
(the Northeast corner of East 102nd Street and Park Avenue, El Barrio)

For info: or 212-828-0401


Project Descriptions:

Judith Escalona's "Bx3M: A work in process"
Witness firsthand the ongoing editing of this New York City epic. The director and invited guests (Director of Photography Ted Ciesielski and Actor Jaime Sanchez for starters) go through a performative process of editing. Visitors watch and interact with them. Behind the scenes footage also on display.

Hector Canonge's "IDOLatries/IDOLatrías""
An interactive new media work utilizing barcode and readers to bring attention to yet another way women are objectified. Barcode takes us one more step away from seeing these luscious Latinas on boxes, cans,and jars as anything other than their use value. Consumer heaven or hell, depending on which side of the supermarket aisle you're on.