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Serrano Presents Purple Heart to Jose Velez-Valentin

Congressman Jose Serrano (at right) recently presented the Purple Heart to Jose Velez-Valentin, a Bronx veteran wounded in the Korean War. Mr. Velez-Valentin had been working to get appropriate recognition for his combat-related injuries from the Defense Department, and ultimately came to Serrano’s office for help. The ceremony last week was the culmination of that work, and a long-overdue acknowledgment of Velez-Valentin’s sacrifice in Korea. “I was pleased to have been able to help Mr. Velez-Valentin to gain recognition for his service to our country—and the wounds that he suffered as a result,” said Serrano. “Our nation makes a pact with those who serve in the Armed Forces, and part of that pact is making sure that their sacrifices do not go unnoticed. Today we are honoring the heroic service of a Bronx resident and thanking him for what he did for our nation more than 50 years ago in Korea. On behalf of the Bronx and as a representative of our federal government, I thank him for