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PRSUN Radio is a place for boricua movers and shakers

I am the host of a live Internet broadcast show called “PRSUN Radio” on BlogTalkRadio focusing on themes related to Puerto Ricans and the diaspora. My 30-minute talk show brings boricua movers and shakers “on air” to talk about their new books, shows, projects and more. The mission of PRSUN Radio, a project of Puerto Rico Sun Communications, is about informing, empowering and building community. I am the producer of PRSUN Radio. BlogTalkRadio is a social talk-radio network that hosts thousands of shows across all topics, including politics, sports, books, business, entertainment, health, paranormal, comedy and religion. Archives of my show are found on my profile page along with a call-in number, blog and text chat room. Archives of my show can also be heard on MySpace page ( ), blog ( ) and Puerto Rico Sun social network at ( ). Feel free to visit my profile page to learn more ab