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Feliz 2009 from PRSUN

IMG_5483 Originally uploaded by clarisel . Puerto Rico Sun readers and supporters, I want to thank you. Thanks for advancing PRSUN's mission of empowering, informing and building community. I want to especially thank our PRSUN FRIENDS, FAMILY AND ANGEL CONTRIBUTORS (YOUR NAMES ARE IN PRSUN'S HONOR ROLL BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO BE THERE). THANKS FOR BELIEVING AND INVESTING IN THIS COMMUNITY MEDIA PROJECT. Thanks to all those who have contributed to this project in one way or another, including Ismael Nunez, Jose "Boricuation" Medina, Samaris Ayala, the photographers in the Puerto Rico Sun group, and the members in the PRSUN Video group. Thanks to our members in the Puerto Rico Sun social network, the Puerto Rico Sun group at Facebook and the Puerto Rico Sun blog network at Facebook. Thanks to my followers at Thanks to PRSUN TV viewers and guests as well as PRSUN Radio listeners and guests. Thanks to those who have supported the PRSUN for the ASPCA