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Opportunity La Voz del Paseo Boricua in Chicago is looking for volunteer translators For nearly five years, La Voz has served as the newspaper of Chicago's vibrant Puerto Rican community. Monthly it distributes 10,000 copies throughout the greater Northwest Side of the city in the areas of Humboldt Park, Logan Square, West Town and Hermosa and beyond. The purpose of La Voz is to provide information and analysis on issues of importance to the city's Puerto Rican residents, such as housing, youth, culture, health, and community empowerment. Specifically, La Voz is a key part of the educational campaign, "¡Humboldt Park No Se Vende!" Currently, La Voz is seeking volunteer Spanish translators. As a completely volunteer-run newspaper, La Voz cannot offer monetary compensation, but it offers experience working with a local newspaper and a chance to contribute to the Puerto Rican community, anchored on Paseo Boricua. If you are interested in translating or supporting th