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Puerto Rico Governor Signs New Film Tax Incentive Bill

Good to know that Puerto Rico is becoming a more significant player in the world of film and production. I hope more Puerto Rican filmmakers, actors and production crew members will be able to benefit. Here's the press release: Program Provides Additional Tax Credits, Expands List of Eligible Projects and Creates Infrastructure Incentives The Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis G. Fortuño, today signed into law the Economic Incentives for the Development of the Puerto Rico Film Industry Act, a bill that is designed to make Puerto Rico’s current production incentives among the most attractive in the industry, as well as promote the development of state-of-the-art media infrastructure, including high-capacity studios. It also designates the media industry as one of the core sectors of the Governor’s ambitious economic development platform. Under the new law, the government of Puerto Rico has created a series of new incentives and expanded current ones. They include expanded lists